Monday, September 15, 2008

Yumiko Cheng

Yumiko Joyce Cheng Hei Yee is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer born in Shanghai and grew up in , Australia, attending University of Western Australia with majors in Finance and Asian Business. Born Zheng Lieqiong , Cheng was given the Japanese name "Yumiko" by her friends in secondary school. After Cheng signed on with , the name was retained.

Yumiko was originally a member of the group ''3T'' , which released an EP in September 2002. Yumiko's potential was, however, soon identified by the company and in November 2002, her first solo EP ''Yumiko The Debut EP'' was released, followed by ''DanceDanceDance'' in June 2003. Her first full-length album ''One2Three'' was released in November 2003.

Apart from that, Yumiko has also taken part in various TV shows and a dozen of TV commercials as well as gracing the covers of various magazines on hundreds of occasions.

In 2004, she released her second full-length album, ''Perfect Date'', but her number of appearances has decreased slightly due to health problems as well as strategy re-evaluation within her company. She returned precipitately in June 2005 with the song "Arabian Market" . Her fourth full-length studio album, ''Passion'' was released in April of 2006, which sees a continuation of the Middle Eastern theme in the single "Lupine Girl" .

Yumiko has also starred in several films, including a special guest appearance in Stanley Kwan's 2005 feature, ''Everlasting Regret''.

On 10 December 2006, while performing a stunt for TVB's annual show, her trousers were accidentally pulled off by Chin Kar Lok and revealed her underwear. This caused great embarrassment for Yumiko and the incident went on to dominate the Hong Kong headlines, some blaming Chin Kar Lok for doing it on purpose due to his break-up with Lee San San.
Eric Tsang the MC at the time of the incident had made some crude comments such as requesting a replay of the accident in slow motion. He has since apologized due to public disapproval.

In 2007, she performed at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Charity Gala at Vancouver with many other artists.

On 23 June 2007, she flashed her nipples without knowing, despite the reported use of two-sided tape to affix the tube-top, during the New Talent Singing Awards Toronto Audition show at Canada's Wonderland. The material was cut from the delayed broadcast in Vancouver.

She makes an appearance in the Welcome to Beijing clip at 5.46 minutes.


With 3T:
* ''Girl Butterfly 少女蝶'' September 17, 2002

* ''Yumiko The Debut EP'' November 26, 2002
* ''Dance Dance Dance 舞舞舞'' June 6, 2003
* ''One 2 Three'' November 14, 2003
* ''Perfect Date'' August 20, 2004
* ''Yumiko's Space'' June 21, 2005
* ''Yumiko Passion'' April 12, 2006
* ''七連滋養'' November 9, 2006
* ''上海娃娃'' March 20, 2007
* ''Super Model'' February 1, 2008


* ''Demi-Haunted''
* ''Heat Team''
* ''The Attractive One''
* ''Everlasting Regret''
* ''The Lady Iron Chef''
* ''''
* ''Love is Elsewehere''


* ''All About Boy'z''
* ''Amazing Twins''
* ''The Gentle Crackdown II'' 2007

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