Monday, September 15, 2008

Frankie Lam

Frankie Lam Man Lung is a Hong Kong actor for . He is married to TVB Actress Kenix Kwok. He started off his career with a singing contest which he won and subsequently, signed a contract with TVB.

TV Shows

*''Looking Back in Anger''
*''Brother Cry For Me''
*''The Challenge Of Life''
*''Beyond Trust''
*''The Revelation of the Last Hero''
*''Romance Beyond''
*''Tha Change of Time''
*''The Holy Dragon Saga''
*''Down Memory Lane''
*''Before Dawn''
*''Witness to a Prosecution''
*''Incurable Traits''
*''On the Track or Off''
*''The Colorful Life''
*''Virtues of Harmony''
*''Virtues of Harmony II''
*''The Herbalist's Manual''
*''Forensic Heroes''
*''Face to Fate''
*''Forensic Heroes II''


*''Tour of Revenge''
*''Running on Empty''
*''Tears and Triumph''
*''Now You See Me, Now You Don't''
*''Dragon Chronicles''
*''From The Same Family''
*''Born to be Wild''
*''Lethal Match''
*''The Fatalist''
*''Godmother of Monkok''
*''To Kiss is Fatal''

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