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Ha Chi Chun

Ha Chi Chun is a Hong Kong actress.


* ''Passionate Nights'' - Sister Cheuk
* ''Come from China'' - Female Robber
* ''Fist of Fury 1991'' - Flutty Ping
* ''Jail House Eros'' - The Ghost
* '''' - Jensy
* ''Carry on Yakuza!!'' - Female Yakuza
* ''Widow Warriors'' - Female Triad in Health Club
* ''Angel Enforcers'' - Female Crime Boss
* ''Aces Go Places V: The Terracotta Hit'' - Female Communist Agent #1
* '''' - Guard
* ''Erotic Ghost Story'' - Mrs. Wang
* ''Eastern Condors'' - Guerrila Girl #3

Gouw Ian Iskandar

Gouw Ian Iskandar is a Hong Kong actor and model.


Ian is the son of Togi Gouw , an who is now a citizen of Holland, and Hong Kong actress Yin Szema. He attends elementary school at the Hong Kong International School. He speaks , , , and . He has a younger brother Brian .


Ian won a Golden Horse award at the age of 9. He is the youngest actor ever to win a Golden Horse award at the . He also won a award for his debut film, .

He is also a for DKNY Children's Clothing as well as for Disney Clothing.


* After This Our Exile


Awards won

Awards nominated

Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung is a Hong Kong-based actress and singer. She is best known as a member of the Cantopop group , alongside Charlene Choi. In 2000, one of the model agencies that Chung worked for as part-time while in HK contacted Chung about a job opportunity offered by Emperor Entertainment Group . Chung accepted the offer in 2000, became a contracted artist of EEG and underwent training before her debut. In 2001, the management company assigned her to form a singing duo, Twins, with Charlene Choi. Currently, she is on extended leave to avoid scrutiny by the media and the public due to the Edison Chen photo scandal in February 2008.


Chung made her film debut in which was released in 2002 and has since proven her acting skills in a number of films like which has earned her critical acclaim, being nominated as 'Best Actress' in the Gam Zhi Ging Awards. Outdoing herself in every martial arts sequence, Chung has established herself as the up and coming action star.

In the film released in 2004, Chung played as ''Chan Wai Ching'', a spurned girlfriend of the eponymous ''Ken''. The film managed a box office taking of HK$3,886,355 and it has its World Premiere in Tokyo International Film Festival.
In January 2006, the film 49 Days exceeded the HK$10 million mark, earning a spot in one of Hong Kong's best box office films for the year 2006.

Chung is a graduate of the Kowloon True Light Middle School and attended RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.


2006 Semi-nude picture incident

On August 22, 2006, Easy Finder magazine published a series of photos of Chung inside a dressing room after a Twins concert in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. One of the cover photos showed Chung's backview as she is fixing her brassiere. A second, smaller cover photo shows an unclad Chung from shoulders down to her bust level. Hong Kong celebrities such as Jackie Chan and Andy Lau staged a public protest denouncing the magazine's irresponsible actions.

The Hong Kong Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority received 2875 complaints regarding the revealing photos and the incident was referred to the Obscene Articles Tribunal for further action. On November 1, 2006, Easy Finder lost its appeal against an obscenity ruling on the published article and pictures. The appeal panel, consisting of one magistrate and four lay members, upheld the judgement, declaring the article "obscene", and saying it was a "calculated act of selling sexuality which is corrupting and revolting". Jimmy Lai, founder of Next Media , interviewed on the television show , apologized to Gillian and offered to return all the negatives.

2008 Photo scandal

In January and February 2008 many explicit photos involving Gillian Chung and Edison Chen were found online. The scandal also involved Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung. Afterwards, she made a statement on her first public appearance on February 11 to respond and apologize to the public for being naive and silly. The public did not accept her apology, as shown in the reaction to her appearance on Jade Solid Gold on February 20. TVB, the producing company of Jade Solid Gold, received over 500 complaints while Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority received over 1200 complaints regarding her appearance on the show. She withdrew her promotion event on February 23 following the public backlash. In addition to her voluntary withdrawal from some events, she was expelled from the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, held in Beijing, on the instruction of director Zhang Yimou.


* See



* U Man
* Summer Breeze of Love
* If U Care..
* Just One Look
* Colour of the Truth
* The Twins Effect
* The Spy Dad
* The Death Curse
* Fantasia
* Protege de la Rose Noire
* Moving Targets
* 6 AM
* House of Fury
* Bug Me Not!
* 49 Days
* Twins Mission
* Naraka 19
* Trivial Matters
* W.
* The Fantastic Water Babes

TV series

* All About Boy'z
* Sunshine Heartbeat
* Kung Fu Soccer
* The Flying Fox On Snowy Mountain
* Project A
* Rinsing Flowers and Purifying Swords

Gigi Lai

Gigi Lai is a Hong Kong under contract to the Hong Kong .


She is the granddaughter of Mr. Lai Man-Wai, who was a key figure of the first generation filmmakers, and has been referred to as "Father of Hong Kong Cinema". Gigi's father was born deaf and when her family went bankrupt, she entered the entertainment industry at the age of 14 to earn money to support the whole family.

Gigi is very well known for her beautiful image and her love of beauty, the Hong Kong media has given her the nickname "Goddess of Beauty" . In the past, Gigi would turn down roles if they affected her appearance on screen. However, later in her career, Gigi had overcome her self-claimed "superficial and childish image" and began to embrace many critically acclaimed roles. She has since won a Best Actress award.

After entering the entertainment industry, Gigi first started out as a singer, she released many albums during the 1990s, in both and . Gigi has made several box office hits, especially for her role as the innocent and stuttering "Smartie" in the popular '''' movie series.

She won the TVB's Most Popular Actress Award in 2004 defeating the hot favourite Sheren Tang. She portrayed a scheming and conniving concubine in the hit series "''War and Beauty''". Gigi has since become very popular with fans from Hong Kong and mainland China and many overseas countries.

After filming an 80-episode series The Gem of Life, she announced that she will not film any new series for at least one year because she needs to take care of her brother and his business after the latter was seriously injured in a car accident in 2007.


* ''The Gem of Life''
* ''The Ultimate Crime Fighter''
* ''Life Art''
* ''The Dance of Passion''
* ''The Charm Beneath''
* ''Healing Hands III''
* ''Shades Of Truth''
* ''War and Beauty''
* ''Riches to Stitches''
* ''Fate Twisters''
* ''Doomed to Oblivion''
* ''The Dark Side of My Mind''
* ''Devil Face, Angel Heart'' - Wendy
* ''A Wicked Ghost III: The Possession''
* ''For Bad Boys Only''
* ''Okinawa Rendez-vous'' - Sandy
* '''' - Rong Yu
* ''For Bad Boys Only''
* ''Fist Power'' - Hung
* ''Black Blood''
* ''The Legend of the Flying Swordsman'' - Cher
* ''Man Wanted 3''
* ''Queenie & King the Lovers'' - Eliza
* ''Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement'' - Nancy
* ''To Where He Belongs''
* ''''
* ''A Wicked Ghost'' - Cessy
* ''The Accident''
* ''Troublesome Night 6'' - Kwok Siu Heung
* ''Ninth Happiness''
* ''Haunted Mansion'' - Ah Gi
* ''The Three Lustketeers''
* ''Theft Under the Sun'' - Fai-fai
* ''24 Hours Ghost Story'' - Siu Wan
* ''All's Well, Ends Well 1997'' - Gigi
* '''' - Mona Chin
* ''Cause We Are So Young'' - Mimi
* ''The Criminal Investigator II'' - Tammy
* ''Street of Fury'' - Yi
* ''Till Death Do We Laugh'' - Mill
* ''Young and Dangerous 3'' - Smartie/Stammer
* ''Young and Dangerous 2'' - Smartie/Stammer
* ''Young and Dangerous'' - Smartie/Stammer
* ''To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui'' - Moon
* ''Heroes from Shaolin''
* ''Kung Fu Cult Master'' - Chow Chi Yu
* ''Secret Signs'' - Jackie
* ''A Wicked Ghost''
* ''Wong Fei Hung Returns''
* ''Lung tik tin hon'' - Chok Nga-Yan
* ''Queen of Gamble'' - Linda
* ''Queen of Gambler''
* ''Spiritual Trinity'' - Hsiu-Shuan
* ''Queen of the Underworld''
* ''Dragon in Jail'' - Winnie Sung
* ''United We Stand''
* ''The Family Strikes Back''
* ''Happy Ghost II'' - Student


*1993 Best Selling Single
*1994 Top 10 Chinese Songs
*1994 JSG Best New Talent Singer
*2004 TVB 37th Anniversary – Best Actress Award, as Yuk Ying in War and Beauty
*2004 TVB 37th Anniversary – Best Character Award, as Yuk Ying in War and Beauty
*2004 Black and White Television Characters Awards, Favourite Actress Award
*2004 Metro's Best Duet Collaboration Award for the Song “Poison” with Bowie Lam
*2004 Metroshowbiz TV awards – Top 10 TV Actors and Actresses
*2004 Watson's Annual Health & Beauty Awards – Artiste with Perfect Skin
*2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular Magazine Cover Artiste
*2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular Female Artiste
*2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular Female in Ancient Drama
*2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular of them all
*2005 Next Magazine TV Awards Top 10 TV Artists
*2005 Next Magazine Sponsorship Award - Best Style Actress
*2005 Top Ten Best Dressed Personalities Awards
*2005 Watson's Annual Health & Beauty Awards – Artiste with Perfect Skin
*2005 Metroshowbiz TV awards – Top 10 TV Actors and Actresses
*2006 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Female Character Award for War and Beauty
*2006 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Lethal Beauty Award for War and Beauty
*2006 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Top 10 TV Artists
*2006 Watson's Annual Health & Beauty Awards – Artiste with Perfect Skin
*2006 China Entertainment Awards – Most Popular Non-Mainland Actress
*2006 Chinese TV 10 Years Awards – 10 Years Outstanding Achievement
*2006 Moves China Award – Artiste of the Year
*2006 China Hunan TV Station - Yuk Ying Won Favourite "War and Beauty" Actress
*2005 Metroshowbiz TV awards – Top 10 TV Actors and Actresses
*2006 Top Ten Best Dressed Personalities Awards
*2006 Actress Most Men Want to be Watching World Cup with
*2007 Astro TV Drama Award – Favorite Moment Award for Frances in Healing Hands 3
*2007 Health Choice Award
*2007 China/HK 10th Entertainment Awards - Most Popular Actress Award
*2007 China/HK 10th Entertainment Awards - Best Couple Award with Bowie Lam
*2007 Watson's HWB Awards - Top Diamond Award
*2007 Singapore I-weekly Magazine - Top 10 Most Loved Hong Kong Actresses
*2007 TVB 40th Anniversary - Mainland Audience's Fave TVB Actress Award
*2008 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Actress Award for Dance of Passion
*2008 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Character Award for Dance of Passion
*2008 Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum - Top Six Most Popular Hong Kong TV Female Artistes
*2008 HKFDA 20th Annual Best Dressed Personalities Awards

George Lam

George Lam Chi Cheung, also known professionally by his surname Lam, is a popular veteran singer in Hong Kong. Lam studied at the Diocesan Boys' School in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He lived in England, where he studied at Dover College, and the United States for many years before returning to Hong Kong.

Lam was the lead singer for a band called "''Jade''" until he went solo with his first English album "Lam" in 1976. His first Cantonese album, having the same name, was also released in the same year. He also recorded two versions of the Billy Joel song "Uptown Girl" in Cantonese. Lam has remained popular in Hong Kong for three decades. Unlike many local singers, he writes a number of his own songs; some of them have also been recorded by other singers including Teresa Carpio, with whom he recorded an album and has given joint concerts, most recently in 2007.

In addition to his singing career, Lam has also acted in many films, making his film debut in ''Luckies Trio'' in 1978. Possibly his most memorable role was as a Japanese journalist in ''Boat People'' , directed by Ann Hui.

Lam first married in 1980 and has a son and a daughter; that marriage ended in divorce. In 1996 he married singer/actress Sally Yeh, with whom he has appeared in concert.


Cantonese Albums:
*''摩登土佬 ''
*''一個人 ''
*''林子祥85特輯 ''
*''單手拍掌 ''
*''Until We Meet Again''

English Albums:
*''Lam II''
*''Teresa Carpio & Lam''
*''When a Man Loves a Woman''


*''Luckies Trio / 《各師各法》''
*''Money Trip / 《懵女,大賊,傻偵探》''
*''The Secret / 《瘋劫》''
*''Disco Bumpkins / 《摩登土佬》''
*''Pembunahan Pursuit / 《糊塗英雄》''
*''All the Wrong Clues / 《鬼馬智多星》''
*''Life After Life / 《再生人》''
*''Aces Go Places 《最佳拍檔》''
*'' / 《難兄難弟》''
*'' /《投奔怒海》''
*''All the Wrong Spies / 《我愛夜來香》''
*''Banana Cop /《英倫琵琶》''
*''The Owl and Dumbo / 《貓頭鷹與小飛象》''
*''Kung Hei Fat Choy / 《恭喜發財》''
*''Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars / 《夏日福星》''
*''It's a Drink, It's a Bomb 《聖誕奇遇結良緣》''
*''Passion / 《最愛》''
*''Easy Money / 《通天大盜》''
*''Heart to Hearts / 《三人世界》''
*''Starry is the Night /《今夜星光燦爛》''
*''Perfect Match / 《最佳男朋友》''
*''Heart into Hearts /《三人新世界》''
*''A Bite of Love /《一咬OK》''
*''Shanghai Shanghai / 《亂世兒女》''
*'' / 《豪門夜宴》''
*''The Perfect Match /《富貴吉祥》 ''
*''Heart Against Hearts / 《三人做世界》''
*''Perfect Couples / 《皆大歡喜》''
*''A Queer Story / 《基佬四十》''
*''Up for the Rising Sun / 《擁抱朝陽》''
*''Six Strong Guys / 《六壯士》''
*''Love At First Note / 《戀愛初歌》''

Frankie Lam

Frankie Lam Man Lung is a Hong Kong actor for . He is married to TVB Actress Kenix Kwok. He started off his career with a singing contest which he won and subsequently, signed a contract with TVB.

TV Shows

*''Looking Back in Anger''
*''Brother Cry For Me''
*''The Challenge Of Life''
*''Beyond Trust''
*''The Revelation of the Last Hero''
*''Romance Beyond''
*''Tha Change of Time''
*''The Holy Dragon Saga''
*''Down Memory Lane''
*''Before Dawn''
*''Witness to a Prosecution''
*''Incurable Traits''
*''On the Track or Off''
*''The Colorful Life''
*''Virtues of Harmony''
*''Virtues of Harmony II''
*''The Herbalist's Manual''
*''Forensic Heroes''
*''Face to Fate''
*''Forensic Heroes II''


*''Tour of Revenge''
*''Running on Empty''
*''Tears and Triumph''
*''Now You See Me, Now You Don't''
*''Dragon Chronicles''
*''From The Same Family''
*''Born to be Wild''
*''Lethal Match''
*''The Fatalist''
*''Godmother of Monkok''
*''To Kiss is Fatal''

Florence Kwok

Florence Kwok Siu-Wan, born August 25, 1970 in Hong Kong, is a Hong Kong film and . She entered after participating in Miss Hong Kong Pageant 1992.

Kwok has worked for TVB for over 10 years, and appeared in many notable roles, such as Tracy Wong in Men in Pain, Yvonne Mok in Forensic Heroes, and Lam Siu-Yan in Dicey Business.


*Gentle Reflections
*Plain Love
*A Kindred Spirit
*Show Time Blues
*Time Before Time
*Justice Sung
*Dark Tales II
*Dark Tales II
*As Sure As Fate
*Feminine Masculinity
*A Matter of Business
*Justice Sung II
*Ultra Protection
*At the Threshold of an Era
*Ups and Downs
*When Dreams Come True
*The Legend of Lady Yang
*The Legendary Four Aces
*Colourful Life
*Seven Sisters
*Woman on the Run
*The Dance of Passion
*Men in Pain
*Forensic Heroes
*Dicey Business
*''Mad Detective''
*Best Selling Secrets
*On the First Beat
*The Ultimate Crime Fighter (2007
*The Gem of Life
*Forensic Heroes II

Flora Chan

Flora Chan Wai-Shan is a Hong Kong television and film .


Chan was born in Hong Kong and emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts at a young age. As a child, she had hoped to become a dancer, but because of an injury when she was a teenager, she was forced to abandon her dreams as a professional dancer. She attended Boston College and earned a in journalism before returning to Hong Kong in the early 1990s with her then-husband, Chung Wai Ming. She and her husband divorced in 2000. Chan married her manager Mike Chung Ka-Hung .

Rather than getting her start from or a beauty pageant, the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, which provides actresses for HK's television station, TVB, Chan was a reporter for the English Channel - TVB Pearl. In the mid-1990s, television director Teng Dak-Hei asked her to participate in his upcoming series, the fifth installment to the popular TVB drama series, ''Files of Justice''.

Chan's performance in this series about young, yuppie lawyers caught the attention of the HK audience -- and TVB. She signed on as a TVB actress and has since made other series, most notably ''Untraceable Evidence'', playing the calm and collected forensics doctor, "Pauline Lip"; and in ''Healing Hands'', a TVB series known for its cutting edge medical topics and its star-studded cast which included Lawrence Ng, Ada Choi, Bowie Lam and William So.

In 2002, Chan won the coveted "Most Favorite TV Actress" award presented annually by TVB. By this time in her career, Chan already starred in various TVB dramas and was known and loved by audiences for her roles as cool professionals. Chan is no longer signed on with TVB as a full-time actress. In December 2006, Chan announced she would be returning to film a TVB serial in February 2007.

Chan gave birth to a baby daughter on September 17, 2007.


TVB Drama Series

*Files of Justice V
*Untraceable Evidence I
*Untraceable Evidence I
*Healing Hands I
*Healing Hands I
* Feminine Masculinity - Mr. Diana
*At the Threshold of an Era II
*A Taste of Love
*Burning Flame II
*A Case of Misadventure
*Triumph in the Skies
*Hard Fate
*To Get Unstuck in Time
*The Lady with Single Eyebrow - On Hold


*''Love Au Zen''
*''Dry Wood Fierce Fire''
*''Undying Heart''
*''Mad Detective''

Other Shows

*Wong Fei-Hung and 13th Aunt
*Like My Own
*Touching Venus
*The Great Adventurer


*Marie France Bodyline
*Slim Pro


**Flora Chan

Feng Feng

Feng Feng is a long-time Hong Kong actor. He began his career as a leading man in . In an accident in , the left side of his face was paralyzed and, though he has since been unable to attract leading roles, he has enjoyed a long career as a character actor, appearing in famous films alongside such stars as Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. He is the father of Fung Bo Bo, a famous child star in the 1960's.

Partial filmography

* ''Enter the Fat Dragon''
* ''The Young Master''
* ''Security Unlimited''

Yumiko Cheng

Yumiko Joyce Cheng Hei Yee is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer born in Shanghai and grew up in , Australia, attending University of Western Australia with majors in Finance and Asian Business. Born Zheng Lieqiong , Cheng was given the Japanese name "Yumiko" by her friends in secondary school. After Cheng signed on with , the name was retained.

Yumiko was originally a member of the group ''3T'' , which released an EP in September 2002. Yumiko's potential was, however, soon identified by the company and in November 2002, her first solo EP ''Yumiko The Debut EP'' was released, followed by ''DanceDanceDance'' in June 2003. Her first full-length album ''One2Three'' was released in November 2003.

Apart from that, Yumiko has also taken part in various TV shows and a dozen of TV commercials as well as gracing the covers of various magazines on hundreds of occasions.

In 2004, she released her second full-length album, ''Perfect Date'', but her number of appearances has decreased slightly due to health problems as well as strategy re-evaluation within her company. She returned precipitately in June 2005 with the song "Arabian Market" . Her fourth full-length studio album, ''Passion'' was released in April of 2006, which sees a continuation of the Middle Eastern theme in the single "Lupine Girl" .

Yumiko has also starred in several films, including a special guest appearance in Stanley Kwan's 2005 feature, ''Everlasting Regret''.

On 10 December 2006, while performing a stunt for TVB's annual show, her trousers were accidentally pulled off by Chin Kar Lok and revealed her underwear. This caused great embarrassment for Yumiko and the incident went on to dominate the Hong Kong headlines, some blaming Chin Kar Lok for doing it on purpose due to his break-up with Lee San San.
Eric Tsang the MC at the time of the incident had made some crude comments such as requesting a replay of the accident in slow motion. He has since apologized due to public disapproval.

In 2007, she performed at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Charity Gala at Vancouver with many other artists.

On 23 June 2007, she flashed her nipples without knowing, despite the reported use of two-sided tape to affix the tube-top, during the New Talent Singing Awards Toronto Audition show at Canada's Wonderland. The material was cut from the delayed broadcast in Vancouver.

She makes an appearance in the Welcome to Beijing clip at 5.46 minutes.


With 3T:
* ''Girl Butterfly 少女蝶'' September 17, 2002

* ''Yumiko The Debut EP'' November 26, 2002
* ''Dance Dance Dance 舞舞舞'' June 6, 2003
* ''One 2 Three'' November 14, 2003
* ''Perfect Date'' August 20, 2004
* ''Yumiko's Space'' June 21, 2005
* ''Yumiko Passion'' April 12, 2006
* ''七連滋養'' November 9, 2006
* ''上海娃娃'' March 20, 2007
* ''Super Model'' February 1, 2008


* ''Demi-Haunted''
* ''Heat Team''
* ''The Attractive One''
* ''Everlasting Regret''
* ''The Lady Iron Chef''
* ''''
* ''Love is Elsewehere''


* ''All About Boy'z''
* ''Amazing Twins''
* ''The Gentle Crackdown II'' 2007

Winnie Lau Siu Wai

Winnie Lau Siu Wai is a Hong Kong singer and actress. She has a daughter with 's Edmund So.


* ''Sin Of Lonely''
* ''Showing All The Feelings''
* ''Denon Mastersonic Series''
* ''Unwilling To Part With''
* ''Change Selection''
* ''The Classical Songs of Universal''
* ''Love Is Gone''
* ''Thank You for Loving Me''


# ''Gwai ma kwong seung kuk''
# ''Qing tian pi li zhi xia ji da jie''
# ''Chao ji xue xiao ba wang''
# ''Xiao xia Chu Liu Xiang''
# ''Shen suan''
# ''Shuang Cho''
# ''San boon gan baat a''
# ''Chung tin siu ji''
# ''Hu dan nu er gang''

Wilfred Lau

Wilfred Lau Ho-Lung is a Hong Kong singer and actor. He is also known as "師兄" in the entertainment industry. He was the winner of the 16th annual in 1997. Many have made comparisons to his voice to the voice of Eason Chan.

Wilfred attended St. Joseph's Primary School for his primary education. Information about his secondary education is unknown. As a child, he had always wanted to become a singer, but his teacher made him give up his dream. At age 21, after seeing the concerts of Anita Mui and Andy Hui, he finally had enough courage to enter the 1997 where he won first place , the ''Best Performance Award'' , and the ''Best Performance Art Potential Award'' .


As the winner, Wilfred was signed to Capital Artists. His first job in Capital Artists was to appear as a guest in TVB's version of Edmond Leung's music video for the song 好朋友 . In the following 4 years, he hosted television shows on TVB. The company did not arrange Wilfred to record albums or songs.

In 2001, Capital Artists withdrew its business in Hong Kong. Wilfred searched for other record companies but most of them turned him down. With the help from Eddie Ng who gave him the song "舊人" to save him time from finding and recording a demo, and after three years of searching, Go East Entertainment Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, signed him and arranged for him to record his debut album Start Up, which was released in 2004. His contract with Go East ended in October 2006. He is now signed to East Asia Music.


*Start Up
*Singing in the Ring
*Past & Present
*All The Best 新歌+精選
*All The Best 新歌+精選
*Le Nouvel Album

Other Compilations
*Love 06
*Perfect Match
*細聽... 細說

Wilfred Lau's Well Known Hits

*思覺失�br />


*Special guest of the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition .
*Guest starred in Eason Chan's Wrestling with God musical .


*2005 - Wilfred Lau 903 Hit 4 On Fire 0813 Concert .
*J.A.W.S. at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and Melbourne Arts Centre on the 19th and 21st, respectively, of May 2006.


*1997 New Talent Singing Awards International Finals - Gold Award, Best Performance Award, Best Performance Art Potential Award
*Golden Hit for New Star TVB Jade Solid Gold Award
*Metro Radio Hits for the Princes and Princesses Best Newcomers Category .

Wayne Lai

Wayne Lai Yiu-Cheung , born May 4, 1964, is a Hong Kong TVB actor.


Lai entered TVB in 1983 as a clerk in the business department. In 1985, he gave up the job and trained in the TVB Acting School. He starred in a few series in 1989. He started out in some minor roles, and took on some more significant roles later on.

He also appeared in two series.

Lai played a variety of roles and is liked by a lot of Hong Kong viewers.

He is married and has a son.


*''Wives and Concubines''
*''The Good, The Bad and The Ugly''
*''Moonlight Resonance''
*''The Legendary Ren Jie''
*''The Gentle Crackdown II''
*''Devil's Disciples''
*''Hooked on You''
*''Best Selling Secrets''
*''Best Bet''
*''Trimming Success''
*''Confession of Pain''
*''McDull, the Alumni''
*''My Name is Fame''
*''Safe Guards''
*''When Rules Turn Loose''
*''Hidden Treasures''
*''Fantasy Hotel''
*''The Gentle Crackdown''
*''Scavengers' Paradise''
*''The Conqueror's Story''
*''To Love With No Regrets''
*''The Driving Power''
*''Greed Mask''
*''Happy Go Lucky''
*''Frugal Game''
*''The New Adventures of CLH''
*''Battlefield Network''
*''Showbiz Tycoon''
*''Anti-Crime Squad''
*''Journey to the West II''
*''Fung Wan''
*''A Killer's Expiry Date''
*''Killing Me Tenderly''
*''A Road and a Will''
*''Files of Justice V''
*''Show Time Blues''
*''The Smiling, Proud Wanderer''
*''Detective Investigation Files''
*''Files of Justice IV''
*''The Return of the Condor Heroes''
*''To Love with Love''
*''The Legend of the Condor Heroes''
*''Crime and Passion''
*''The Condor Heroes Return''
*''The Vampire Returns''
*''Files of Justice''
*''The Challenge of Life''
*''A Time of Taste''
*''The Vixen's Tale''
*''The Bund''
*''Twilight of a Nation''
*''Shi Loi Wan Do''
*''Buk Dao Chin Fung''


* Astro Wai Lai Toi "My Love's Green in Red" Award
* Astro Wai Lai Toi "My Unforgettable Moment" Award

Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow is a Hong Kong based Cantopop singer and actress. She is well known for her ladylike stage image as well as her charity works for animal rights.

Unfortunately, along with fame always comes the . Vivian could not handle the sudden invasion of her personal life, and once temporarily shut herself away from all types of media. After her concert in 1994, Vivian realized that her primary value is her personal life, not fame and glory. Therefore, she gradually ceased relationships with Hong Kong's entertainment circle. She retired from the Chinese entertainment scene in the late 1990s when Vivian and her long time partner, Joe Ngai, emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Though she still makes frequent trips to Hong Kong to visit her family and to support animal-rights charities.

Early life

Vivian was born in Hong Kong and brought up by her mother. Her father died the same year she was born due to heart problems. As a child, Vivian studied at St. Stephen's Church College, passing A-levels in high school. Her dream was to become a singer and an artist, both of which she has accomplished.


Radio years

After high school, Chow entered the Fourth Annual New Talent Singing Awards in 1985 with Yoshie Kashiwabara's song ''Saiai'' . The same contest also saw the rise of William So and Hacken Lee. Although Vivian did not receive any prizes in the contest, this failure did not diminish her hopes of becoming a singer, instead, Chow entered the entertainment business by becoming a in Radio Television Hong Kong in 1987.

As a DJ for RTHK, Chow was the main character in three of the radio dramas, they are "Love in the Summer" as 'Tung Tung' "The Teenage Period" as 'Fong Ka Yiu', and "Life in Paris" as 'Joyce'.


In 1988, Chow made her movie debut in the smash-hit comedy "Heart to Hearts" . She played the role of the daughter of Carol Cheng, a single mother who is quite protective of Vivian. They then meet a man played by George Lam. For her role in the series, Chow won the 'Best New Performer' award of 1989.


In the same year that Vivian won the 'Best New Performer' award, she also released her first album, titled by her Chinese name, 周慧敏. This album contained only 4 songs, and its main purpose was to test the response of the people of Hong Kong for the rising star. Sales did not disappoint, and Vivian started to develop her own fan-base by releasing two new albums, 'Vivian' and 'Qing Mi' , in 1990; 5 new albums in 1991, and 6 new albums in 1992-1993. Vivian had to take Mandarin lessons in order to perfect her pronunciation prior to the release of the Mandarin album, ''Liu Yan'' . Limited by her good look and genteel demeanor, her performances usually received moderate reviews by critics but she nonetheless attracted a huge and loyal fan-base. During the peak of her career, her popularity had a dominating presence among high school students and many of them have remained loyal throughout her retirement. In view of her unfaltering beauty, elegance and kindred spirit, the media dubbed her "玉女掌門人", a colloquial term that can be loosely translated as the eternal maiden queen.


#''Zhou Hui Min'' 周慧敏
#''Qing Mi'' 情迷
#A Long & Lasting Love
#Endless Dream
#''Zhou Hui Min Zhen Qin Jing Xuan'' 周慧敏真情經選
#''Dong Ri Lang Man'' 冬日浪漫
#''Liu Yan'' 流言
#''Jin Zai Bu Yan Zhong'' 盡在不言中
#''Zui Ai'' 最愛
#''Xinshi Chong Chong'' 心事重重
#''Xin Qu + Jing Xuan'' 新曲+經選
#''Likai You lv De Xi Guan'' 離開憂鬱的習慣
#''Zhiji Zhi Bi'' 知己知彼對唱精選輯
#''Gan Qing De Fen Li'' 感情的分禮
#''Cheng Zheng'' 成長
#''Hongye Luo Sou De Shi Hou'' 紅葉落索的時候
#''Zhou Hui Min 1994 Mei De Hua Shen Concert'' 周慧敏'94美的化身演唱會
#''Duo Yi Dian Ai Lian'' 多一點愛戀
#''Chu Chu Liu Qing'' 處處留情
#''Qing Mi Xin Qiao'' 情迷心竅
#''Shi Jian'' 時間
#''Re Min'' 熱敏
#''Zhou Hui Min De Min Gan Di Dai'' 周慧敏的敏感地帶
#''Hui Yi Cong Jin Tian Kai Shi'' 回憶從今天開始
#''Wan Qian Chong Ai San Shi Shou'' 萬千寵愛30首


# ''San ren shi jie''
# ''Chung tin siu ji''
# ''Feng yu tong lu''
# ''Lang zhi yi zu''
# ''Xiang jian hao''
# ''Xiao nan ren zhou xian''
# ''Wan ming shuang xiong''
# ''San ren jo shi jie''
# ''Chi qing kuai xu''
# ''Nu xiao feng yun xie jiao ren qin''
# ''Saam yan jo sai gaai''
# ''Yao mo dao''
# ''Yes! yi zu''
# '' ''
# '' ''
# '' ''
# ''Laam Gong juen ji faan fei jo fung wan''
# '' ''
# ''Xian dai ying zhao nu lang''
# ''Xia ri qing ren''
# ''Feng chen san xia''
# ''Zou shang bu gui lu''
# ''Ching guan nan shen''
# ''Wo Ai Ferarri''
# ''Jin zhuang xiang jiao ju le bu''

Written works

* Bengal Cat- 我的貓兒子周慧豹

Vincent Kok

Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu is a Hong Kong actor, scriptwriter and film director.

Kok is best known for his frequent collaborations with Stephen Chow, acting and co-writing with him the films ''Forbidden City Cop'', ''From Beijing with Love'' and ''The God of Cookery'' in addition to producing and co-writing Chow's 2007 film ''CJ7''. He also made a cameo appearance in Chow's ''Shaolin Soccer'' as a hapless soccer player.

Kok also wrote, directed and starred alongside Jackie Chan in '''', a rare romantic comedy by the martial arts actor.

Valerie Chow

Valerie Chow, aka Rachel Shane in the US, is a well-known model and . A former runner-up , she is also the first Chinese model to be signed by US cosmetics company Revlon in 1998.


She has starred in numerous films and a few television series, most memorably in Wong Kar-Wai's ''Chungking Express'', as the Flight attendant who breaks up with Cop 633 , a role that earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 14th Hong Kong Film Awards. Other notable film roles include '''' , a guest appearance in Tsui Hark's 1995 feature '''' as well as ''Inner Senses'' in 2002, which saw Chow appear alongside co-star Leslie Cheung. Her role as a smart and sophisticated lawyer named Flora in the 2001 series, ''Healing Hearts'' was one of her most popular among the public, and gained her a favorable image as the 'perfect modern woman.'

Since 2003, she has more or less decided to leave the entertainment industry and is currently working as a publicist for the Pedder Group, the shoes and accessories division of Lane Crawford.


*''He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father''
*''Chungking Express''
*''Lover of the Last Empress''
*''Dream Killer''
*''The Case of the Cold Fish''
*''Ghostly Bus''
*''Spider Woman''
*''Wind Beneath My Wings''
*''The Armed Policewoman''
*''Red Zone''
*''Bridge of Dragons''
*''Healing Hearts''
*''The Vampire Combat''
*''Inner Senses''
*''Freaky Story''

TV series

* ''Fate of the Clairvoyant''
* John Woo's ''Once A Thief''
* ''Healing Hearts''
* ''Tearaway Doctor''

Toby Leung

Toby Jing-Kei Leung is a female Cantopop singer and actress from Hong Kong. She entered the music industry in 2004 when the MusicNationGroup discovered her talent. Together with Macy Chan , Elise Liu and Bella Cheung they formed the singing group Girl's only Dormitory but later broke up. Her father, Tommy Leung, is also the deputy-chief director of drama in TVB, which allowed her to enter the acting career with ease. She recently signed with TVB and became a contracted artist.



* "Drink-Drank-Drunk " - Supporting Actress
* "Confession of Pain " - Supporting Actress
* " " - Leading Actress

Television drama


*''Life is Beautiful'' - MusicNationGroup - 2004
*''Bear in Mind'' - MusicNationGroup - 2005


*2005年度新城勁爆頒獎禮 - 勁爆新登場女歌手
*2005年度RoadShow至尊音樂頒獎禮 - 至尊潛力新人
*第二十七屆十大中文金曲頒獎禮 - 最有前途新人獎(組合)銅獎
*新城勁爆頒獎禮2004 - 勁爆新人王(組合)
*勁歌金曲2004優秀選第二回 - 新星試打
*Yahoo!搜尋人氣大獎2004 - 演藝新力軍組別
*廣州電台2004年金曲金榜頒獎晚會 - 港台金曲獎「全女打」,新登場女組合大獎
*PM第三屆樂壇頒獎禮 - PM火熱概念組合新人獎
*PM第三屆人氣歌手奪標頒獎禮 - PM新進閃爍女子組合
*2004年音樂先鋒榜 - 廣東最受歡迎女子組合獎金獎

Tiffany Lam

Tiffany Lam or Tiffany Lam Man Lei 林敏俐 is a former beauty queen hailing from Hong Kong. She owns the title of Miss Hong Kong 2002 and Miss Chinese International 2003 runner up.


Tiffany was born in Hong Kong during 1981. She immigrated to San Francisco, , when she was little. She studied in San Francisco for many years, including attending the University of California, Davis. Afterwards, she came back from San Francisco to compete in the Miss Hong Kong 2002 pageant.

Miss Hong Kong 2002

She was chosen out of many delegates from USA and Canada to go back to Hong Kong to compete. She wasn't quite a favorite for the HK Press and was barely noticed. She made the top 12 of the Miss Hong Kong 2002 pageant on early July. She performed in a red dress during the talent portion. After 3 weeks later, she competed at the Miss Hong Kong pageant, or the final. 2002 was a special year, because it marked the 30th anniversary of the pageant. A new crown was designed for the special winner, and Tiffany wore it. She beat out favorites like Cerina da Gra?a, Victoria Jolly, and more. She also bagged 2 side awards, all for the final. They include: Miss International Goodwill and Miss Modern Style. She broke the Miss Photogenic takes all streak . She is also the second Miss Hong Kong winner from San Francisco. Her successor, Mandy Cho Man Lei was also from San Francisco.

Miss Chinese International 2003

After the Miss Hong Kong experience, Tiffany was an ambassador of Hong Kong. Like annual Miss Hong Kongs would do, she represented HK at the Miss Chinese International 2003 pageant. She was a big favorite for the crown due to her smile and elegance. She traveled to Harbin, China to film a shooting clip. She competed for the title on January 2003, where she placed 2nd to Kuala Lumpur's Rachel Tan.


Afterwards Tiffany started in two TVB dramas. That was ''Net Deception'' and ''Not Just A Pretty Face''. Her 1st runner up friend, Victoria Jolly was also in the Face drama. After that, she crowned her successor, Mandy Cho Man Li, and returned to San Francisco to continue her studies. She returned to HK on crowning the 1st runner up of the Miss Chinese International 2004 pageant, who was also from Hong Kong! She was recently spotted in Hong Kong shopping in a mall.

Tiffany currently helps with the family restaurant business. Her family owns multiple restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. These restaurants include: ABC Bakery & Cafe and ABC Seafood Restaurant. There are two ABC Bakery & Cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are in the cities of Oakland, and San Francisco. The ABC Seafood Restaurants are in the cities of Milpitas, in the South Bay by San Jose, and in Foster City, south of San Francisco. She also recently redesigned the interior of the Foster City restaurant. She had bought some wallpaper from Hong Kong and redesigned it.


*Tiffany is a member of University of California, Davis's Sigma Omicron Pi, an Asian American interest sorority.


* Miss Hong Kong 2002: Winner, Miss International Goodwill, and Miss Modern Style.
* Miss Chinese International 2003: 1st runner up.

TVB Dramas

* ''Net Deception''
* ''Not Just A Pretty Face''

Theresa Fu

Theresa Fu is a Cantopop artist in Hong Kong. She was introduced by ''Talent Bang'' model agency in order to become a pop star. She was one of the members of who have since disbanded in 2005.

In 2005 she recorded a duet "自欺欺人" with Alex Fong. In 2006, she published a book with her personal drawings, stories and views on love. She is also a good friend with her ex-bandmate, Stephy Tang.

In 2008, She performed at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Charity Gala at Vancouver with many other artists.

On May 30th 2008, Theresa appeared as a special guest for Leo Ku's The Magic Moments Concert in Toronto to a crowd of 10,000 people at Rogers Centre.

Music CDs


* Apr 2002 -- Happy Birthday - Cookies
* 23 Dec 2002 -- Merry Christmas - Cookies

Mini Cookies

* 13 Aug 2003 -- All the Best - Cookies
* Jan 2004 -- 4 Play - Cookies
* Oct 2004 -- 11團火音樂會 - Cookies
* 17 Dec 2004 -- 4 in Love - Cookies


* 27 July 2007 -- My Cup of T
* Sep 2007 -- My Cup of T
* 23 July 2008 -- Smiling

Solo career

* May 2005 -- 自欺欺人
* 2005 Between Passion and Calmness
* 2005 - 親朋勿友
* July 2007 -- ''My Cup Of T''
*2008 -- Smiling


* ''Nine Girls and A Ghost''
* ''Feel 100% 2003''
* ''Dating Death''
* ''Kung Fu Mahjong''
* ''Dragon Reloaded''
* ''McDull, The Alumni''
* ''Marriage With A Fool'' (Cameo
* ''Undercover Hidden Dragon''
* ''Love @ First Note''
* ''Fatal Contact''
* ''Mr. 3 Minutes''
* ICAC Investigations


* ''Aqua Heroes''

Tats Lau

Tats Lau Yee Tat is a musician and comedy actor in Hong Kong.

Music career

At early 1980s, Tats Lau has been active in Hong Kong independent music scene has established several underground bands including DLLM and OEO .

Tats Lau reached his musical career climax while he established classic Cantopop duo Tat Ming Pair with Anthony Wong Yiu Ming. Tats Lau is the chief music composer and instrumentalist in Tat Ming Pair while Anthony Wong is the lead singer. Unlike other Canotpop musicians in the same generation, Tats Lau has strong influence of New Romantics music from UK. Tat Ming Pair, along with and Tai Chi, eventually became one of the most important music groups in Hong Kong history.

After the disband of Tat Ming Pair, Tats Lau has formed several music groups such as Tats Lau and Dream , Tats Lau Government School and most recently 達與璐. However, those groups only enjoy limited success in comparison with Tat Ming Pair.

Film Score Composer

At 1990s, Tats Lau is an active film score composer. He has collaborated with director Clara Law and won the Best Original Film Score awards in both Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Festival by participating Clara Law's ''Temptation of Monk''.

Filming career

For the younger generation, Tats Lau would be more famous for his performance in many comedy films by Stephen Chow such as ''God of Cookery'', ''Forbidden City Cop'' and many other Hong Kong comedy films.

Stephen Fung

Stephen Fung Tak-Lun , born August 9, 1974 is a Hong Kong based actor, singer, , writer and film director.


Stephen' Fung's mother, Julie Sek Yin, was a famous Shaw Brothers actress. Partially raised in the United States, Stephen made his acting debut in the 1990 film ''Forbidden Nights'' , playing the childhood version of the male lead . Stephen attended the University of Michigan where he earned his degree in graphic design. In the mid 1990s, he returned to Hong Kong where he would form the band "Dry" with Mark Lui. He would continue his acting career in Hong Kong, with successful films like ''Gen-X Cops'' and its sequel ''Gen-Y Cops''. In 1999, Stephen released his solo album, "Not Enough Love". In 2004, Stephen made his directorial debut with ''Enter the Phoenix'' and later, a second film, ''House of Fury'' in 2005.

Personal Facts

* He likes to spend time on video games.
* He speaks Cantonese and English.
* His friends in the Entertainment industry include: Nicholas Tse , Eason Chan , Daniel Wu and Sam Lee
* He has been romantically linked with Karen Mok for a number of years.



* ''''
* ''Forbidden Nights''
* ''''
* ''He Comes from Planet K''
* ''First Love Unlimited''
* ''Cheap Killers''
* ''''
* ''The Poet''
* ''Metade Fumaca''
* ''''
* ''Gen-X Cops''
* ''The Sunshine Cops''
* ''Dragon Heat''
* ''Twelve Nights''
* ''Un Baiser Vole''
* ''4 Green Hopes''
* ''Bio-Cops''
* ''Gen-Y Cops''
* ''My Schoolmate the Barbarian''
* ''Healing Hearts''
* ''La Brassiere''
* ''''
* ''The Avenging Fist''
* ''''
* ''Haunted Office''
* ''Women from Mars''
* ''The Irresistible Piggies''
* ''Devil Face, Angel Heart''
* ''Magic Kitchen''
* ''Enter the Phoenix''
* ''Dragonblade''
* ''House of Fury''
* ''49 Days''
* ''The Heavenly Kings''
* ''Heavenly Mission''


*'' Heroes in Love''
* ''Enter the Phoenix''
* ''House of Fury''


* ''Heroes in Love''
* ''Enter the Phoenix''
* ''House of Fury''
* '' ''



4 Green Hopes


''Track Listing:''

01. 新鮮人~ Green Hope

02. 新鮮人~ Luv Theme Whisper

03. 新鮮人~ Taylor Mix

04. 新鮮人~ Wah Wah Green Hope Mix

Ai Bu Gou/Love Not Enough


''Track Listing:''

01. 我走走走

02. 愛不夠

03. 愛我2000

04. 愛情肥皂劇

05. 偷看

06. 恨我還想你

07. 門

08. 別來煩我


10. 問號

Gen-X Cops


''Track Listing:''


02. XXXX

03. 非走不可









Dry & Friends Music Is Alive


''Track Listing:''

01. 有我必須有你

02. 擺脫

03. 下世紀

04. 20000日環遊世界

05. 男朋友

06. 越吻越傷心--DRY版

07. 容易受傷的女人


09. 堅強的理由

10. 放棄世界

11. 情深說話未曾講

12. 誰來開口

13. 愛情組曲

14. L.O.V.E

15. 留住我吧

16. 豈有此理

17. 信我最後這一次

18. 將冰山劈開

19. 愛你

20. 你甚麼都有

21. 陪著她

22. 紀念日

23. 從前從前

24. TALK: DRY最後的說話 + 鳴謝

25. 橙色一個天

Dry Free


''Track Listing:''

01. 擺脫

02. 從前從前

03. 陪著她

04. 愛情組曲

05. 橙色一個天

06. 有我必須有你

07. 下世紀

08. 20000日環遊世界

09. 男朋友

10. 我的世界

11. 你甚麼都有

12. 誰來開口

13. 你的錯是我的對

14. 童真大志

15. 信我最後這一次

16. 903"狂熱"主題曲

17. 紀念日

Dry Two


''Track Listing:''

01. 你甚麼都有

02. 椗跑車落海

03. 誰來開口

04. 你的錯是我的對

05. 然後

06. 童真大志

07. 信我最後這一次

08. 我的世界

09. 黑

10. 拈花

Dry One


''Track Listing:''

01. 橙色一個天

02. 有我必須有你

03. 下世紀

04. 20000日環遊世界

05. 男朋友

06. 903 ID CLUB 會歌新作

07. 紀念日

08. 有我必須有你


2001 - 世紀預言 The Prophecy - ''Nicholas Tse''

11. Without Me

2002 - Me - ''Nicholas Tse''

12. Let Me Die

Unknown Album

North Pole Snow / Bei Ji Xue

Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow Sing-Chi, born June 22 1962, is a Hong Kong scriptwriter, film director, and actor.

Chow is a well-known, top-tier comedian and superstar of . This image is epitomized by his nickname 星爺 . However, his brand of ''mo lei tau'' comedy, which includes puns, double entendre and jokes at the expense of unique aspects of Chinese culture, meant that few of his earlier films could exercise much impact in the West until his later films, ''Shaolin Soccer'' and ''Kung Fu Hustle'' .

Professional career

Chow was a graduate at the Shaw Brothers' acting school and co-hosted a popular Hong Kong children's program, ''430 Shuttle'', as a character named "Black and White Vampire". Though this was a stepping stone for his career, it also limited it, offering no outstanding performances. At that time, Chow mainly played dramatic roles in Hong Kong TVB television series, one of which was called ''Dun Fei Final Combat'' . Chow gave an outstanding performance and started to gain popularity in Hong Kong. Also, in that television series, he started the long-term collaboration relationship with director Lee Lik-Chi and actor Ng Man Tat . In 1990, his performance in Jeff Lau's smash-hit ''All For The Winner'' launched him in a comedy film career, which is now his prime genre.

His subsequent films were built on the success of ''All For The Winner'', and he developed his distinct brand of humor known as ''mo lei tau'' which makes frequent use of euphemisms and double entendres in inoffensive slang. He regularly demonstrates his talent for improvisation, suggesting gags to directors to enhance the script, allowing him chances to make rewrites of the plot. By 1994, he was writing and directing some of his own films.

The films themselves often follow a similar template: Chow portrays either an under-achiever who beats the odds, or an arrogant overachiever, who himself receives a lesson in humility before fighting back. Stephen Chow tends to use the underdog or rags-to-riches story to portray his character. ''Fight Back to School'' , ''From Beijing With Love'' and ''The God of Cookery'' are notable examples of this style of work. His films would often utilize a historic environment, but also demonstrate the modern-period cross-cutting comedy, as in the films ''Justice, My Foot!'' and ''Flirting Scholar'' .

Occasionally, Chow would take a break from his comedies. One of his more serious films is the second part to ''A Chinese Odyssey'', ''Cinderella'' , loosely based on the classic Chinese epic ''Journey to the West''. Although essentially a comedy at heart, Chow was able to develop his character more seriously than before. It was a box-office smash in Hong Kong and even ignited a cult following in Mainland China.

Recent films by Chow have begun to focus on and special effects sequences rather than verbal humour in order to appeal to a wider international audience. The film which launched him to international fame was ''Shaolin Soccer'' , which made heavy use of and was directed by Chow himself. A later film, ''Kung Fu Hustle'' , was also directed by Chow, and in February 2005, went on to surpass ''Shaolin Soccer'' as the highest grossing domestic movie in Hong Kong.

In July 2006, Chow started filming ''CJ7'' in the eastern Chinese port of Ningbo. It has been rumored to have the biggest budget ever for a Chinese film, costing over 100 million Chinese yuan . In August 2007 the film was given the title ''CJ7'' , a play on China's successful Shenzhou manned space missions - Shenzhou 5 and Shenzhou 6. It has previously been known by a series of working titles - ''Alien'', ''Yangtze River VII'', ''Long River 7'' and most notably, ''A Hope''. This film introduced newcomer as his romantic lead - continuing Chow's tradition of introducing young actresses who eventually go on to have successful film or music careers of their own. These actresses include Karen Mok, Sharla Cheung, Athena Chu, Michelle Reis, Christy Chung, Gigi Leung, Cecilia Cheung, and Huang Shengyi.


*''Faithfully Yours''
*''Dragon Fight''
*''Tragic Heroes''
*''Thunder Cops II''
*''Lung Fung Restaurant''
*''The Unmatchable Match''
*''Curry and Pepper''
*''Sleazy Dizzy''
*''Look Out, Officer!''
*''All for the Winner''
*''When Fortune Smiles''
*''Triad Story''
*''God of Gamblers II''
*''Tricky Brains''
*''The Top Bet''
*''Fist of Fury 1991''
*''Fight Back to School''
*''God of Gamblers Part III Back to Shanghai''
*''Magnificent Scoundrels''
*''The Gods Must Be Crazy III''
*''Fist of Fury 1991 II''
*''The Thief of Time''
*''All's Well, Ends Well''
*''Fight Back to School II''
*''Justice, My Foot''
*''Royal Tramp''
*''Royal Tramp II''
*''King of Beggars''
*''Fight Back to School II''
*''My Hero 2''
*''Flirting Scholar''
*''The Mad Monk''
*''Love on Delivery''
*''Hail the Judge''
*''From Beijing with Love'' - also writer and director
*''A Chinese Odyssey Part One - Pandora's Box''
*''A Chinese Odyssey Part Two - Cinderella''
*''Out of the Dark''
*''Sixty Million Dollar Man''
*''Forbidden City Cop'' - also writer and director
*''God of Cookery''
*''All's Well, Ends Well 1997''
*''Lawyer Lawyer''
*''The Lucky Guy''
*'''' - also writer and director
*''The Tricky Master''
*''Shaolin Soccer'' - also writer and director
*''Kung Fu Hustle'' - also writer and director
*''CJ7'' - also writer and director
*''Kung Fu Hustle 2''
*''Fahrooze'' In Production)


*When he was young, Chow learned Kung Fu by watching TV because his parents couldn't afford lessons. He still enjoys watching instructional Kung Fu videos to this day. Chow learned Wing Chun as a youth, and is himself a huge fan of Chinese Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee, and his films often contain direct references to him. Chow was, for a time, the president of the Bruce Lee fan club in Hong Kong and had a statue of Lee built.
*There is often a cameo by an ugly bearded nose-picking cross-dresser in his films, and the role is almost always portrayed by Kin-yan Lee, a personal friend. This character is almost always called 如花 in these films.
*Chow often collaborated with Lee Lik-chee and Vincent Kok , both actors and directors, in the early stage of his career.
*Chow is mentioned in the Regurgitator song "My Ego".
*Despite having a comic persona onscreen, Chow is known to be the opposite in the public eye, often maintaining a quiet and serious demeanor. Chow was reported to state that he does not consider himself a comedian.
*Chow is a big fan of the popular anime and manga series, ''''. Chow will also be the producer of a Dragonball movie based on the animated cartoon. The movie has been penciled in for a worldwide release date of Aug. 15, 2008. However, this was later changed and the new release date appears to be for April 3, 2009.
*His total net worth as of 2006 is over 100 million USD, he gains most of his wealth through real estate. He is a good friend of Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau .
*Chow was denied emigration to Canada twice because of supposed links to the Triad society.
*There is a recurring "martial art" in a few of Chow's films which loosely translated means "Hitting the Cow Through the Mountain". In this unique move, Chow punches one person , but the force generated by his 'Chi' travels through this person and continues on to hit powerfully the person standing next to the one he initially punched, and often beyond. In ''God of Gamblers Part III: Back to Shanghai'', he was able to punch someone across the street with this move, after creating an effect through some fifteen people.
*Most of his characters use part of his name, Sing.
*He is Seth Rogen's current choice to portray Kato in a film adaptation of ''The Green Hornet'', but Chow's spokesman said the screenplay and style of the film has not been unveiled yet.


Stephen Chan Chi Wan

Stephen Chan Chi Wan, born 1957 is the general manager of Television Broadcasts Limited . He was once a disc jockey with the RTHK. Then, he was known as 韋家晴. He joined TVB as Controller in 1994. He was later given additional responsibilities as Controller in 1996. In April 2002, Stephen Chan was promoted to Assistant General Manager - Television Broadcasting. In April 2004, he was promoted to General Manager - Broadcasting. He currently has his own television show, '''', in which he interviews notable celebrities in Hong Kong.

Stanley Fung

Stanley Fung is a Hong Kong actor and film director.
He was one of the Lucky Stars.

Filmography as actor

* ''Hooked On You
* ''Love Is a Many Stupid Thing''
* ''How to Meet the Lucky Stars'' - Pee
* ''Thrilling Story''
* ''Spiritually a Cop''
* ''Devil's Vindata'' - Principal You Tse-Nam
* ''The Gambling Ghost'' - Motorcycle Cop
* ''Ghost Punting'' - Rhino Skin
* ''''
* ''Blood Stained Tradewinds'' - Uncle Drunk
* ''The Inspector Wears Skirts III'' - Kan
* ''Haunted Jail House'' - Feng
* ''Look Out, Officer!'' - Chin
* ''Ghostly Vixen'' - Thrill Seeker from Hong Kong
* ''The Musical Vampire'' - The Master
* ''The Romancing Star III'' - Uncle Ken
* '''' - Santa Claus
* ''Return of the Lucky Stars'' - Rhino
* ''They Came to Rob Hong Kong'' - Yuen
* ''The Inspector Wears Skirts 2''
* ''Vampire Buster'' - Councillor Stephen Kai
* ''The Crazy Companies II'' - Frank
* ''The Inspector Wears Skirts''
* ''The Crazy Companies'' - Frank
* ''Love Soldier of Fortune'' - Go San-Liu
* ''Dragons Forever'' - Psychiatrist
* ''The Romancing Star II'' - Uncle Ken
* ''Figures from Earth'' - Master Thunderbolt
* '''' - Lulu's Grandfather
* ''Yes, Madam 2'' - Airport Security Officer
* ''Bet on Fire'' - V7 Guy No. 2
* ''The Dragon Family'' - Fung
* ''Shyly Spirit'' - Captain Hao
* ''How to Pick Girls Up'' - Fei Changfan
* ''Call Girl 1988'' - Fang
* ''The Romancing Star'' - Uncle Ken
* ''Mr. Vampire II''
* ''The Lunatics'' - Dr. Tsui
* ''Where's Officer Tuba?''
* ''Pom Pom Strikes Back'' - Sick Man in Television
* ''''
* ''Lucky Stars Go Places'' - Rawhide
* ''Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars'' - Rawhide
* ''From the Great Beyond''
* ''My Lucky Stars'' - Rawhide
* ''Unforgettable Fantasy''
* "''''" TV Series - Lui Jen-kong
* ''My Darling Genie''
* ''Intellectual Trio'' - Chan's Superior
* ''Owl vs. Dumbo'' - Inspector Fung
* '''' - Cameo appearance
* "''Radio Tycoon''" TV Series
* ''Mad Mad 83''
* ''Oh! My Cops''
* ''Winners and Sinners'' - Rookie
* "''''" TV Series - Monatan
* "''''" TV Series - Yeung Seung-su
* ''Security Unlimited'' - Fan
* '''' - Imp
* "''''" TV Series
* "''Legendary Siblings''" TV Series - Kong Bik-hok
* ''Lover's Destiny''
* ''''
* ''The Deadly Duo''
* ''Mad Killer''
* ''The Comet Strikes''
* ''The Singing Killer''
* ''The Prodigal''
* ''Wise Wives and Foolish Husbands''
* ''The Joys and Sorrows of Youth''
* ''Young, Pregnant and Unmarried''
* ''Right to Love''
* ''Won't You Give Me a Kiss?''
* ''To Rose with Love''

Shirley Kwan

Shirley Kwan, Kwan Suk’E, or Kwan Suk Yee is an idiosyncratic Hong Kong cantopop singer best known for her unique vocal and progressive music style. Kwan first shot to fame in 1989 as a pop sensation with the hit single "" . She then successfully morphed into a musical chameleon, infusing different western musical elements into the otherwise monotonous genre of cantopop. In 1995, Kwan published her coming of age psychedelic album , which has since become a modern classic.

After a decade-long hiatus, Kwan made a successful comeback recently. Her "Being Shirley On Stage" concerts in February 2006 opened to raving reviews, finally winning over the long-skeptical Hong Kong press.

Music career

Early Years

Kwan was born in Hong Kong to an affluent family. Since an early age, she has been exposed to a wide variety of music. At the age of 15, this middle child elected to move to Los Angeles, where she later studied fashion design in college. Kwan had her first taste of limelight in 1986 when she took part in TVB's New Talent Singing Awards as a contestant. Two years later at the prompt of a friend, she recorded a demo tape for the prestigious “Marine Blue” open singing competition in Japan and won. Her talent caught the eyes of record executives at Apollon, and was signed to a contract, recording two Japanese albums in two years. Singing in Japanese and English, Kwan produced many middle-of-the-road J-pop at Apollon, but could also be found experimenting with musical elements unusual for Asia at the time, even rapped for the song “Borderless”.

PolyGram Period

Kwan’s Marine Blue success in Japan also led to her discovery by PolyGram. In March 1989, Kwan released her debut Cantonese album “Winter Love” , a pop collection including her R&B-influenced first plug, “The Rebel” .

However, it was the follow-up album that propelled Kwan into international stardom. “” , the optimistic catchy title track about young love first gained attention as the theme tune of a popular daytime soap on TVB. Combined with Kwan's youthful good look, it became a huge success both on the radio and at the Karaoke scene, making Shirley Kwan a household name. In fact, the tune achieved such a level of popularity that it became synonymous with Shirley Kwan for the years to come. The album, meanwhile, supported by no less than four other hit singles such as the up-tempo “Lovers Underneath the Stars” , became an all-time bestseller. Being tipped as the next biggest thing in Cantopop, Kwan swept all the best-newcomer awards that year.

The following two years saw Kwan going through her first series of transformation in a matter of four albums. No longer content with the middle-of-the-road pop-singing eye candy that PolyGram mould her into, Kwan started exploring a different side of her personality. The result was a string of edgy and sexy Trip-Hop hits starting with “Lost in the Night” . Also evolving was her public image, which matured from a pretty teen icon into a more sophisticated and mysterious persona, complete with cutting-edge fashions and subtle sex appeal. It is also during this period that Kwan started covering crossover New Age music, such as the works of Gregorian and Michael Cretu. So confident was PolyGram with Kwan’s zestier version of “Once In A Life Time”, called “Love Is Forever” , that it was presented back to back with Gregorian’s original in the 1991 demo CD for DJs.

However, the song that captured the audience's attention at the time, was Kwan's cover of Amina’s 1991 Eurovision winner, “”, renamed “Buddhist Chant” . Talented lyricist Lam Man Chung put an Eastern spiritual spin on this Tunisian adventure and turned it into a glorious musical meditation embodying the battle against bodily desires. Originally a sidetrack, “Buddhist” became a surprise hit as well as a classic in Cantopop Alternative. It also signified her first rebellion against her production team, as she had to fight long and hard to have the song included in her “Love Is Forever” album.

Towards the end of 1992, the tabloid’s reception of Kwan has shifted dramatically. Years of relentless invasion into her private life has taken its toll, making Kwan increasingly indifferent towards the press. This unfortunately triggered even more media hostility as well as negative publicity. Disillusioned about her future as a public figure, Kwan took some time off to recover, only to return with yet another transformation.

In November 1993, Kwan released “The Story of Shirley” , by far the most emotionally charged album to date. As reflected by the melancholic cover artwork, it is an intensely introverted and personal affair. Lead singles “Solo” and “Fabricated Love Stories” , shared an undercurrent of loneliness and despair. For the first time, attention was turned to Kwan’s talent as a vocalist and critics were pleasantly surprised by her new more polished sound.

Determined to establish herself as a serious artist, Kwan took even more risk in the following album. Published in summer 1994, “” was a wild carnival of collaborations aiming to showcase Kwan’s musical versatility. It contained acid jazz number “Lost Legend” by Dick Lee, traditional Chinese theme tune “Arrow to the Heart” by James Wong, the techno-influenced “Anxiety” and “Out of This World” by Lam Man Chung, as well as the hugely popular ballads “Cuddling Underneath the Stars” and “Farwell” . This wholesale musical reinvention together with her iconic crew-cut new look sent shockwaves across Hong Kong and beyond. “My Way” rightfully became one of the most celebrated albums of that year, and Kwan quickly became the critics' favourite.

Whilst the colourful adventures in “My Way” were impressive, they rendered the album rather unfocused. To produce something musically coherent, she handpicked ten personal favourite Cantopop songs and asked her producer Joseph Ip and eight different sound engineers to give them a complete makeover to create a tribute album with a new signature sound.
To much anticipation, “” was released in February 1995. The classics of Cantopop titans like Anita Mui , Leslie Cheung and Alan Tam were given a psychedelic eletropop revamp, with Kwan singing in a creative and delicate tone punctuated with breathy whispers. Much to Donald Ashley’s credit, the complete rework of Teresa Teng’s “Forget Him” , with its intertwining multilayered backing vocals, stood out most and elevated Kwan to a new level of recognition both within the music industry and amongst listeners. It was also featured in Wong Kar-Wai’s 1995 art house movie ''“”'' . Interestingly, the same tune was reworked yet again in the Taiwan release 'EX' as the acoustic underproduced but equally captivating “What a Pity” . Achieving critical acclaim as well as commercial success, 'EX' were held as one of the best Cantopop albums ever produced, and set off a tribute album fever in Hong Kong.

In the summer of 1995, Kwan released her third compilation album, "Journey of Life" , containing two new singles that cannot possibly be more different. "He needs you, She needs You" was a dreampop experiment with a distinct intro that creatively incorporated the Chinese instrument Erhu . "Are There Real Friends in Life" on the other hand, was an heavy and intense adult alternative, and has since became a concert favourite.

Six years after her debut, Kwan finally held her first large scale solo concert in July 1995 at the Hong Kong Coliseum . Presenting a balanced mix of smash hits and colourful sidetracks, "The One and Only Shirley Kwan In Concert" was enthusiastically received and capped the most successful year in her career. Kwan had to encore for an unprecedented four times in the last show, as fans refused to leave.

After 7 years at PolyGram, Kwan’s contract came to an end in 1996 and she elected to not renew it. Her last PolyGram album was originally scheduled for release in summer 1996, containing three American collaborations, “Infectious” and “Elusive Love” written by Andy Goldmark, and “Mumbling” by Sheryl Crow. But with Kwan leaving, PolyGram split it in half to produce 1997’s compilation “Connection” and 1998’s EP “eZone”.

Kwan spent the second half of the 90s mostly away from the public eye, but managed to strike up some important collaborations with close friends Lau Yee Tat and Anthony Wong Yiu Ming , of the "Tat Ming" pop duo. These include “Blessed Mary” , a sarcastic duet with about materialism; “Cuddle 28800BPS” , the very first pop song about cyber love; and “Forget If It’s a Him or a Her” - a remake of the gender-transcending Tat Ming classic, at their request. In 1997, Kwan lent her vocal to a radio drama theme tune, the head-turning “Take Me to a Dance” that blends soprano backing vocal into a thumping dance beat. Two years later, she held a “Music Is Life” concert organized by Commercial Radio, sparking rumours of a possible come back.

BMG Period

In 2001, Kwan signed a contract with BMG in Taiwan, and published the critically acclaimed Mandarin album, ''Freezing Flame''. However, after the extravagant press conference announcing Kwan's partnership, BMG soon ran out of money for promotion and the album sold poorly. Kwan was already pregnant at the time and left for America shortly after on an indefinite break.

Music Nation Period

In fall 2005, Kwan stepped into the recording studio once again and duet with music veteran Alan Tam in “Rekindle The Flame” , a Cantonese remake of the French ballad “J'ai murmure va-t-en”. The news of Kwan making a comeback sent excitement through Hong Kong’s airwaves, and “Rekindle” took the charts by storm, reaching number 1 on both TVB, RTHK and .

Two months later, Kwan was signed to a contract with Music Nation Group by the famous producer, Frankie Lee Chun. The first single “About Me” saw Kwan reunited with the talented lyrist Wyman Wong and her long-term collaborators Joseph Ip and John Laudon. Bluntly autobiographical, it is an uncompromisingly angry account of her struggle against the ever-present paparazzi and hostile media in Hong Kong. Supported by massive airplay, “About Me” steadily climbed to the top of radio charts, and its limited-release special edition CD sold out within a day.

In early February 2006, the eponymous EP "Shirley Kwan" was released, introducing the second brand new single, “Evolution” . Telling of a determination to adapt and evolve, “Evolution” bears all the trademarks of the classic moody Shirley Kwan. This coincided with the release of a 3CD-Karaoke plus DVD compilation by Universal Music , entitled “All About Shirley”. Much to all her fans’ delight, this compilation is comprehensive and well organized, containing side projects and rare tracks dating back to the very beginning of her career in Japan.

To much anticipation, three comeback concerts, “Being Shirley On Stage” were held in late February, at the legendary Hong Kong Coliseum. Belting out classics after classics in reverse chronological order, Kwan took the stage with exuberance, glamour and style. Positive reviews of her live performance dominated the entertainment headline for at least a week. In the final encore, Kwan famously covered Eason Chan ’s “Today Next Year” to a standing ovation. As the 30,000 sing-a-long audience exemplified, Kwan’s evergreen success is far from accidental.

As her liaison with Music Nation drew to a conclusion, Shirley released two very different new songs in 2007 as an independent artist. “All Living Flowers” came out in February as the theme tune for songwriter Keith Chan ’s multimedia musical “12 faces of woman” at the 2007 Hong Kong Arts Festival. A breakthrough on many levels, it features an original arrangement that seamlessly combines Chinese and Western strings instruments, and poetic lyrics by Albert Leung showcasing Shirley’s feminine side.

A month later, television theme tune “Just Once” from the primetime TVB sitcom series “Best Selling Secrets” was released. This mainstream karaoke-friendly pop song serves as a reminder of the days when Shirley used to be a regular on TVB as well as how far she has ventured into alternative music since.

Star Entertainment Period

By June 2007, longtime friend and veteran producer Herman Ho has successfully recruited Shirley to his the new company “Star Entertainment Ltd.” financed by Neway Karaoke Box . Projects under planning include a new Cantonese album to be released shortly and a Mandarin album in 2009. Two "Unexpected Shirley Kwan in Concerts" have been announced for April 24-25, 2008.

Shirley Kwan on Film

In early 1997, Kwan was invited offhand by Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai to make a guest appearance in '''', taking on the role of the leading lady. She was flown to Argentina in five days' notice and ended up spending more two months there. Starring opposite Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Chang Chen , Kwan played Lai Yiu-fai's mysterious and lonely secret admirer and also recorded a cover of "Cucurucucu Paloma" for the film's soundtrack. However, her scenes were all taken out of the final cut of the movie, which later went on to help crowning Wong as the Best Director in .
It took another three years for those footages of Kwan's one and only big screen debut to resurface, as they were included in the alternative version of ''"Happy Together"'', ''"Buenos Aires Zero Degrees"'' . This documentary premiered at the 2000 Berlin International Film Festival out of competition, and was also shown at the 2000 Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards in Taiwan




Personal life

In September 2005, Kwan revealed in an interview on RTHK that she is a proud single mother, and has a 5 year old son. She, however, declined to disclose further details about the boy's father and called on the media to respect the privacy of her family.


Apart from the long string of hostility and spats between Kwan and the media, her critics often found it ironic that Kwan's most celebrated work was a tribute album rather than an "original" piece of art.


* Kwan has never had a manager.
* Before becoming famous, Kwan used to work in New York as a fashion designer in the 80s for two years.
* "" was originally written for another PolyGram Cantopop singer, Priscilla Chan.

* "Out of This World" sampled a dialogue from the 1991 Chinese movie "Raise the Red Lantern" between the third mistress and the forth mistress : "你知道我和她生孩子的事吗?我们俩是差不多时间怀孕的。" Translation: ''Do you know about our pregnancies? We conceived around the same time! ''
* When the 1995 tribute album was conceived, Kwan wanted to call it 'Ex', but record executives worried that it might be too abstract for the record buying public.
* Kwan was invited to perform in front of Bill Clinton in a dinner banquet in Japan back in November 1995, along with other pop stars from Japan and Taiwan.
* Kwan has stated that she was not upset by the exclusion of her scenes from the 1997 movie ''"Happy Together"'', as the whole unscripted filming experience was more of an experiment to her and she was only lending a help hand to a friend.
* Kwan's wardrobe for the 2006 "Being Shirley On Stage" concert was partly sponsored by Christian Dior.
* Artists who has influenced Kwan: Elizabeth Fraser , Bj?rk, Cyndi Lauper, William Orbit,
* Dream pop archrival Faye Wong debuted in the same year as Kwan and was also called Shirley at the time.

Sheila Chan

Sheila Chan is a Hong Kong actress.

She was elected First Runner-Up and Miss Photogenic at the 1988 Miss Hong Kong Pageant.


* ''Forever Yours''
* ''Magic Kitchen'' - Yau's Mom
* ''Visible Secret 2''
* ''Funeral March'' - Elsa
* ''Thanks for Your Love'' - Nancy
* ''The Day That Doesn't Exist'' - Poon Ka-Sze
* ''Because of Lies'' - Siu B's Girlfriend
* ''He & She'' - Chi-Kai's Sister-in-Law
* ''Whatever You Want'' - Julianna
* ''Once Upon a Chinese Hero'' - Jane
* ''Fist of the Red Dragon'' - Aunt Jean
* ''The Inspector Wears Skirts 4'' - Lou
* ''Lady Hunter'' - Blackie
* ''All's Well, Ends Well'' - Sheila
* ''Her Fatal Ways'' - Hsuen Pi
* ''Doctor Vampire'' - May Chen
* ''Bullet for Hire'' - Lan
* ''All for the Winner'' - Ying
* ''The Outlaw Brothers'' - Lan
* ''Prince of the Sun'' - Wan May-Ngor
* ''Stars and Roses''

TV series

* ''Dr Vampire''
* ''FM 701''

TV Show Anchor

The Funny Half Show

Sharon Chan

Sharon Chan Man Chi is a Hong Kong actress/model. She is currently under contract with TVB in Hong Kong.

TVB Series

*The Trust of a Lifetime
*The W Files
*Survivor's Law
*Summer Heat
*Dream Of Colours
*The Last Breakthrough
*The Charm Beneath
*Trimming Success
*Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
*Welcome to the House
*Glittering Days
*Devil's Disciples
*Word Twisters' Adventures
*Catch Me Now
*Forensic Heroes II

Sharla Cheung

Sharla Cheung Man , also known as Cheung Man is an actress working in the Hong Kong film industry.

Sharla Cheung was born in Shanghai, China. She was discovered by Wong Jing, with whom she worked on many of his productions in the early 1990s. Cheung gained popularity with the numerous films she's starred in alongside Stephen Chow, in which she was frequently cast as Chow's love interest. They partnered for more than 10 films from 1988 to 1994, including ''All for the Winner'', ''God of Gamblers II'', ''Fist of Fury 1991'', ''Fight Back to School'', ''Royal Tramp'', and ''King of Beggars''. Another frequent co-star is Andy Lau, who appeared alongside Cheung in such films as ''God of Gamblers'', ''God of Gamblers II'', and ''Lee Rock''.

After an impressive body of work in the early 1990s , Sharla Cheung moved into producing in 1995 with '''' . However, Cheung was unhappy with it and she remade the film as ''Romantic Dream'' . Both versions opened in 1995.
The films, however, were commercial failures, and Cheung then retired from the film industry to focus on various business interests.

Cheung made a comeback in acting in the early 2000s, to star in several television series.


|賭聖]] || Yee Mong || Jeffrey Lau / Corey Yuen||
| ''Story of Kennedy Town'' || 西環的故事 || Li || Wu Ma ||
| ''God of Gamblers II'' || || Dream Lo || Wong Jing ||
| rowspan="10"| || ''Fist of Fury 1991'' || 新精武門1991 || Mandy Fok || Choh Chung-sing ||
| ''Devil’s Vindata'' || 妖魔道 || Mandy || Cheung Hoi-ching ||
| ''A Chinese Legend'' || 追日 || Ching-er || Lau Hung-chuen ||
| ''Fight Back to School'' || || Miss Ho || Gordon Chan ||
| ''God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai'' || || Yee Mong || Wong Jing || cameo
| ''Lee Rock'' || 五億探長雷洛傳 || Grace || Lawrence Ah Mon ||
| ''Lee Rock II'' || 五億探長雷洛傳Ⅱ之父子情仇 || Grace || Lawrence Ah Mon ||
| ''The Fatal Game'' || 毒豪 || || Shum Dai-wai ||
| ''Tiger Cage III'' || 冷面狙擊手 || Suki Cheung || Yuen Woo-ping ||
| ''Dance with the Dragon'' || || Moon || Wong Jing ||
| rowspan="15"| || ''Fist of Fury 1991 II'' || 漫畫威龍 || || Choh Chung-sing / Corey Yuen ||
| ''Truant Heroes'' || 逃學英雄傳 || Dreamy || Wong Jing ||
| ''Cheetah on Fire'' || 獵豹行動 || Peggy || ||
| ''Rythm of Destiny'' || 伴我縱橫 || Siu Hong || Andrew Lau ||
| ''Fight back to School II'' || 逃學威龍2 || Miss Ho || Gordon Chan ||
| ''Royal Tramp'' || || Empress Dowager/Lone-er || Wong Jing ||
| ''Deadly Dream Woman'' || 女黑俠黃鶯 || Huang Ying || ||
| ''It’s Now or Never'' || 飛女正傳 || Rose || ||
| ''Royal Tramp II'' || || Lone-er || Wong Jing || bit part
| ''To Miss with Love'' || 逃學外傳 || Ms. Chang || Chu Yen-ping ||
| ''Call Girl '92'' || 92應召女郎 || Carmen || ||
| ''Handsome Siblings'' || 絕代雙驕 || Eva, Supreme Ruler of the Martial World || Eric Tsang ||
| '''' || 戰龍在野 || || ||
| ''King of Beggars'' || 武狀元蘇乞兒 || Yu-shang || Gordon Chan ||
| ''Lover at Large'' || 難得有情郎 || Lily Lam || ||
| rowspan="10"| || ''Fight Back to School III'' || 逃學威龍Ⅲ之龍過雞年 || Man || Wong Jing ||
| ''Legend of the Liquid Sword'' || 笑俠楚留香 || Jellyfish || Wong Jing ||
| ''Last Hero in China'' || 黃飛鴻之鐵雞鬥蜈蚣 || Ti Yin-er || Wong Jing ||
| ''Flying Dagger'' || 神經刀與飛天貓 || Big Bewitchement || Chu Yen-ping ||
| ''Holy Weapon'' || 武俠七公主 || Spider || Wong Jing ||
| ''The Buddhist Spell'' || 菩提幽魂 || Miss Shen || Chao Liu-chiang ||
| ''The Sword of Many Loves'' || || Purple Yuen || Poon Man-kit ||
| ''Chez 'n Ham Story'' || 芝士火腿 || Fanny || ||
| ''The Sword Stained with Royal Blood'' || 新碧血劍 || Kau || Cheung Hoi-ching ||
| ''The Kung Fu Cult Master'' || 倚天屠龍記之魔教教主 || Yan So-So /Chao Min || Wong Jing ||
| rowspan="5"| || ''Underground Judgement'' || 地下裁決 || Senny/Lisa || ||
| ''The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains'' || 新天龍八部之天山童姥 || || ||
| ''Hail the Judge'' || || Chi Siu-Lin ) || Wong Jing ||
| ''Crystal Fortune Run'' || 暴風眼 || Wind Yip || Chris Lee Kin-sang ||
| '''' || || Wan Yau, Ko Chun’s wife || Wong Jing ||
| rowspan="3"| || ''Romantic Dream'' || 追女仔95之綺夢 || Mandy || || also producer
| ''Dragon Killer'' || 狂情殺手 || Lam Miu || ||
| '''' || 十兄弟 || Ha’s Wife || ||
| rowspan="2"| || ''The Two Individual Package Women'' || 兩個獨立包裝的女人 || Christy Cheung || ||
| ''Wo De Ming Xing Zai Nan You'' || 我的明星仔男友 || Li || Lin Hongjie ||
| 2005 || ''Legend of the Book’s Tower'' || 風滿樓 ''Fēng Mǎn Lóu'' || San Nainai || Huang Jianzhong ||
| rowspan="2"| 2006 || ''Fan Fu Da Yuan'' || 范府大院 || || Wang Xiaolie ||
| '''' || 貂蝉 ''Diāochán'' || Diaochan || Chen Jialin ||


Samuel Hui

Samuel Hui Koon-kit, usually known as Sam Hui, is best known for being a star in the Cantopop and industry in Hong Kong's from the 1960s to 1990s. He graduated from the Arts Faculty of University of Hong Kong, Ying Wa College and St Francis Xavier's College in the late 1960s to early 1970s. He and his brothers and made several comedy blockbusters in the 1970s. He is also acknowledged for popularising Cantopop, by incorporating the then unknown idiosyncrasies of Western popular music into the Cantopop genre.

Film and singing career

He started his career as a host to a youth music TV show on TVB. At the time, he was the lead musician of his band named . In the early years of his career, he sang Western songs from and the However, he began singing songs when he wrote the theme songs for the comedies produced by his brother Michael Hui.

His music appealed to the Hong Kong masses particularly the working class with its simple lyrics and light-hearted nature which was popular in Hong Kong music in the late 1970s. He penned most of the compositions and personally wrote most of the humorous lyrics that generally encompassed current issues in Hong Kong such as the song ''Could Not Care Less About 1997'' , which literally encourages the Hong Kong public to throw caution to the wind and enjoy their life instead of worrying about the imminent to China in 1997.

On a personal note, he was closer to his middle brother Ricky Hui than to their eldest brother Michael Hui, and he and Michael reportedly fell out with each other after their pre-1985 successes. However, in Michael's ''Chicken and Duck Talk'' Sam appeared in a short 3-minute cameo, playing himself as master of ceremonies at the grand opening of David's Chicken. Then in 1990, the three brothers reunited in 'Front Page', a lampoon on Hong Kong's sometimes over-zealous entertainment news industry.

Sam also collaborated with several popular singers such as Leslie Cheung both musically and on-screen culminating in the hit single co-written by both Hui and Chung entitled ''Silence is Golden'' which Hui also sung as a solo track on his 1987 album Hot Summer, as well as the catchy tune "I've Never Been Afraid". Sam also starred in the ''Aces Go Places'', a series of Hong Kong action–comedies in the 1980s, with Karl Maka.

He held a farewell concert in 1991-92, in which he invited many music celebrities and officially declared that he would not be active in the movie industry nor in Cantopop in the future. He was once seriously injured while filming The Legend of Wisely in Tibet due to lack of oxygen, thereafter falling very ill and many of his fans pointed out that this near fatal accident may have been pivotal on his decision to retire as they superstitiously believed that he was haunted by a spirit.

Despite reiterating his plans for retirement, Hui came back for a short stint in the movie ''Winner Takes All'' co-starring Nicholas Tse and Ruby Lin. This he maintained, was a result of being unable to ignore his heart's desire.

In 2007, Hui signed with EC Music and released his first album in 17 years, named "Life is Good" .


During the later 90's, Hui's father had advised him to retire to avoid the stresses he endured from hosting concerts. His mother purportedly also had some reservations against his performing, mainly that he could injure himself on stage. A Hong Kong concert in 1990 supposedly marked his early retirement, however Hui then agreed to host a 42 show concert. Around the time of the 30th show, Hui's father passed away but despite his grief, he continued to host. During 1991-1992, Hui hosted a total of 14 shows in Hong Kong preempting his actual retirement. He also hosted a show in Vancouver, Canada, in the Radisson Hotel, and also in Toronto, Canada, in which he dedicated this concert to his late-father.

Widely acclaimed as the "God of Song" in Hong Kong, he decided to come out of retirement in 2004 and held multiple come-back concerts in which he was welcomed by a Hong Kong public and sell-out shows. In these concerts, he paid tribute to the recent passing of close colleagues, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui in 2003 and claimed that their deaths had influenced his decision to come out of retirement.


He performed in a concert in Kuala Lumpur on February 19 and February 202005 with his sons and his brother Ricky Hui but has not made active plans for any follow-ups. He also performed in Vancouver on 15 December 2005.

He is currently performing in concert at Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort

He had a sold-out concert in Hong Kong on December 16, 2007 with more than 30,000 fans.

Personal life

Sam Hui is married to Rebecca "Rebu" and has two sons, Ryan and Scott. Ryan Hui is also a singer/songwriter and has released several albums, while Scott Hui has pursued a career in film, directing a few videos for his brother.


Cantonese Albums:
* 鬼馬雙星
* 天才與白痴
* 半斤八兩
* 財神到
* 賣身契 (1978
* 念奴嬌
* 摩登保鑣
* 最佳拍檔
* 最佳拍檔大顯神通
* 新的開始
* 最喜歡你
* 最緊要好玩
* 熱力之冠
* 宇宙無限
* 潮流興夾Band
* 許冠傑新曲與精選
* Sam and Friends
* 許冠傑89歌集
* 香港情懷90
* 90電影金曲精選
* 歌神與您繼續微笑
* 人生多麼好

English Albums:
*''Time of The Season''
*''Morning After''
*''Came Travelling''


* ''Back Alley Princess''
* ''The Tattooed Dragon''
* ''Chinatown Capers''
* ''Naughty! Naughty!''
* ''Games Gamblers Play''
* ''The Last Message''
* ''The Private Eyes''
* ''Money Crazy''
* ''The Contract''
* ''Security Unlimited''
* ''Aces Go Places''
* ''Aces Go Places II''
* ''Aces Go Places III: Our Man from Bond Street''
* ''A Family Affair''
* ''Working Class''
* ''Aces Go Places IV''
* ''The Legend of Wisely''
* ''Chicken and Duck Talk''
* ''Aces Go Places V: The Terracotta Hit''
* ''The Dragon from Russia''
* ''''
* ''Front Page''
* ''All's Well, Ends Well Too''
* ''Laughter of the Water Margins''
* ''Winner Takes All''

Sammul Chan

Sammul Chan Kin Fung May 4 1978 is a Hong Kong TVB actor.


*Name: Sammul Chan Kin Fung
*Original Name: Chan Yan Yiu
*D.O.B: 4 May 1978
*Place of Birth: Hong Kong
*Height: 182 cm
*Weight: 68 kg - 150 pounds
*Blood type: O
*Religion: Christian
*Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English
*Place of living: MongKok
*Family : parents + 2 older sisters
*Nicknames: Duck


*Chan Shu Kui Memorial School
*Pui Ching Middle School
*Sheng Kung Hui St. Benedict's School


*Singers: Dragon Ash, Madonna, Take That, Jon B, Lee-Hom Wang, David Tao...
*Movies: Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare In Love, City Of Angel
*Color: Blue, KhaKi
*Food: Japanese and Teochew food
*Dressing Style: Comfortable, Elegant
*Hobbies: Gym, Swimming, Cycling, Watching Movies
*Pets: Goldfish, a cat named Amber


*Part-time jobs: Security guard, Ocean Park trainee
*Past Occupations: Metro Radio 997 DJ
*Current Occupation: TVB Actor/Singer
*As of 2007: Also an actor for China TV Series


TVB Anniversary Awards
*Most Improved Actor -- nominee for Bar Benders, Maiden's Vow
*Best Supporting Actor -- nominee for Maiden's Vow
*Most Improved Actor -- nominee for The Academy, Wong Fei Hung: Master of Kung Fu

Personal Quotes

* "They link me with men, they link me with women, soon I will just have to eat at home on my own all the time or just go out with my dog." .

* "This is what I have gained the most from the industry. During the course of my career, there have been people who have treated me well and not so well. I remember all of it. I am not going to seek revenge towards those who didn't treat me well, but I will remember and learn from the experience." .

* "Once, I had a very good friend. Whenever he was unhappy, I would always encourage him. However it wasn't until a few years later that I found out he said a lot of bad things behind my back. I was very unhappy when I found out. I don't understand his mentality. What he did, was it to put me down and raise himself higher? Is it worth doing so at the expense of our friendship? If this friendship is so shallow, then I won't value it either. I just regret that from day one, I treated him so well!" .

* "In my heart, I only have a few true friends that you can count in one hand. Most of them I have known for 10+ years. I am a very straight forward person, if I like it, I like it. If I don't like it, then I don't. If I can't be friends with someone, I won't treat him poorly, but would just keep a distance. Now I know how to protect myself." .

Note: the above was from an interview that took place in 2005


* - movie
*Witness To A Prosecution
*Incurable Traits
*The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre - movie
*Phantom Call - movie
*From Ashes to Ashes - movie
*The Avengine Fist - movie
*Shadow - movie
*The White Flame
*The Irresistible Piggies - movie
*Survivor's Law
*Triumph in the Skies
*Man Suddenly in Black - movie
*The Vigilante In The Mask
*ICAC Investigators 2004
*Wong Fei Hung Master Of Kung Fu
*Guts of Man
*When Rules Turn Loose
*Color of the Loyalty - movie
* - movie
*Bar Benders
*Maidens' Vow
*The Price of Greed
*On The First Beat aka The Academy II
*Legend of Chu Liu Xiang -- China Series
*The Last Princess -- China Series
*Survivor's Law II
*200 Pounds Beauty - movie
*The Academy III

Much of the above are TVB series. No note is placed on these. Other TV series noted
are as China series. Those noted with movie are not HK/China TV series, but movies as we know them approx.
90 to 120 minutes long.