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Tiffany Lam

Tiffany Lam or Tiffany Lam Man Lei 林敏俐 is a former beauty queen hailing from Hong Kong. She owns the title of Miss Hong Kong 2002 and Miss Chinese International 2003 runner up.


Tiffany was born in Hong Kong during 1981. She immigrated to San Francisco, , when she was little. She studied in San Francisco for many years, including attending the University of California, Davis. Afterwards, she came back from San Francisco to compete in the Miss Hong Kong 2002 pageant.

Miss Hong Kong 2002

She was chosen out of many delegates from USA and Canada to go back to Hong Kong to compete. She wasn't quite a favorite for the HK Press and was barely noticed. She made the top 12 of the Miss Hong Kong 2002 pageant on early July. She performed in a red dress during the talent portion. After 3 weeks later, she competed at the Miss Hong Kong pageant, or the final. 2002 was a special year, because it marked the 30th anniversary of the pageant. A new crown was designed for the special winner, and Tiffany wore it. She beat out favorites like Cerina da Gra?a, Victoria Jolly, and more. She also bagged 2 side awards, all for the final. They include: Miss International Goodwill and Miss Modern Style. She broke the Miss Photogenic takes all streak . She is also the second Miss Hong Kong winner from San Francisco. Her successor, Mandy Cho Man Lei was also from San Francisco.

Miss Chinese International 2003

After the Miss Hong Kong experience, Tiffany was an ambassador of Hong Kong. Like annual Miss Hong Kongs would do, she represented HK at the Miss Chinese International 2003 pageant. She was a big favorite for the crown due to her smile and elegance. She traveled to Harbin, China to film a shooting clip. She competed for the title on January 2003, where she placed 2nd to Kuala Lumpur's Rachel Tan.


Afterwards Tiffany started in two TVB dramas. That was ''Net Deception'' and ''Not Just A Pretty Face''. Her 1st runner up friend, Victoria Jolly was also in the Face drama. After that, she crowned her successor, Mandy Cho Man Li, and returned to San Francisco to continue her studies. She returned to HK on crowning the 1st runner up of the Miss Chinese International 2004 pageant, who was also from Hong Kong! She was recently spotted in Hong Kong shopping in a mall.

Tiffany currently helps with the family restaurant business. Her family owns multiple restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. These restaurants include: ABC Bakery & Cafe and ABC Seafood Restaurant. There are two ABC Bakery & Cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are in the cities of Oakland, and San Francisco. The ABC Seafood Restaurants are in the cities of Milpitas, in the South Bay by San Jose, and in Foster City, south of San Francisco. She also recently redesigned the interior of the Foster City restaurant. She had bought some wallpaper from Hong Kong and redesigned it.


*Tiffany is a member of University of California, Davis's Sigma Omicron Pi, an Asian American interest sorority.


* Miss Hong Kong 2002: Winner, Miss International Goodwill, and Miss Modern Style.
* Miss Chinese International 2003: 1st runner up.

TVB Dramas

* ''Net Deception''
* ''Not Just A Pretty Face''

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