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Ha Chi Chun

Ha Chi Chun is a Hong Kong actress.


* ''Passionate Nights'' - Sister Cheuk
* ''Come from China'' - Female Robber
* ''Fist of Fury 1991'' - Flutty Ping
* ''Jail House Eros'' - The Ghost
* '''' - Jensy
* ''Carry on Yakuza!!'' - Female Yakuza
* ''Widow Warriors'' - Female Triad in Health Club
* ''Angel Enforcers'' - Female Crime Boss
* ''Aces Go Places V: The Terracotta Hit'' - Female Communist Agent #1
* '''' - Guard
* ''Erotic Ghost Story'' - Mrs. Wang
* ''Eastern Condors'' - Guerrila Girl #3

Gouw Ian Iskandar

Gouw Ian Iskandar is a Hong Kong actor and model.


Ian is the son of Togi Gouw , an who is now a citizen of Holland, and Hong Kong actress Yin Szema. He attends elementary school at the Hong Kong International School. He speaks , , , and . He has a younger brother Brian .


Ian won a Golden Horse award at the age of 9. He is the youngest actor ever to win a Golden Horse award at the . He also won a award for his debut film, .

He is also a for DKNY Children's Clothing as well as for Disney Clothing.


* After This Our Exile


Awards won

Awards nominated

Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung is a Hong Kong-based actress and singer. She is best known as a member of the Cantopop group , alongside Charlene Choi. In 2000, one of the model agencies that Chung worked for as part-time while in HK contacted Chung about a job opportunity offered by Emperor Entertainment Group . Chung accepted the offer in 2000, became a contracted artist of EEG and underwent training before her debut. In 2001, the management company assigned her to form a singing duo, Twins, with Charlene Choi. Currently, she is on extended leave to avoid scrutiny by the media and the public due to the Edison Chen photo scandal in February 2008.


Chung made her film debut in which was released in 2002 and has since proven her acting skills in a number of films like which has earned her critical acclaim, being nominated as 'Best Actress' in the Gam Zhi Ging Awards. Outdoing herself in every martial arts sequence, Chung has established herself as the up and coming action star.

In the film released in 2004, Chung played as ''Chan Wai Ching'', a spurned girlfriend of the eponymous ''Ken''. The film managed a box office taking of HK$3,886,355 and it has its World Premiere in Tokyo International Film Festival.
In January 2006, the film 49 Days exceeded the HK$10 million mark, earning a spot in one of Hong Kong's best box office films for the year 2006.

Chung is a graduate of the Kowloon True Light Middle School and attended RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.


2006 Semi-nude picture incident

On August 22, 2006, Easy Finder magazine published a series of photos of Chung inside a dressing room after a Twins concert in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. One of the cover photos showed Chung's backview as she is fixing her brassiere. A second, smaller cover photo shows an unclad Chung from shoulders down to her bust level. Hong Kong celebrities such as Jackie Chan and Andy Lau staged a public protest denouncing the magazine's irresponsible actions.

The Hong Kong Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority received 2875 complaints regarding the revealing photos and the incident was referred to the Obscene Articles Tribunal for further action. On November 1, 2006, Easy Finder lost its appeal against an obscenity ruling on the published article and pictures. The appeal panel, consisting of one magistrate and four lay members, upheld the judgement, declaring the article "obscene", and saying it was a "calculated act of selling sexuality which is corrupting and revolting". Jimmy Lai, founder of Next Media , interviewed on the television show , apologized to Gillian and offered to return all the negatives.

2008 Photo scandal

In January and February 2008 many explicit photos involving Gillian Chung and Edison Chen were found online. The scandal also involved Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung. Afterwards, she made a statement on her first public appearance on February 11 to respond and apologize to the public for being naive and silly. The public did not accept her apology, as shown in the reaction to her appearance on Jade Solid Gold on February 20. TVB, the producing company of Jade Solid Gold, received over 500 complaints while Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority received over 1200 complaints regarding her appearance on the show. She withdrew her promotion event on February 23 following the public backlash. In addition to her voluntary withdrawal from some events, she was expelled from the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, held in Beijing, on the instruction of director Zhang Yimou.


* See



* U Man
* Summer Breeze of Love
* If U Care..
* Just One Look
* Colour of the Truth
* The Twins Effect
* The Spy Dad
* The Death Curse
* Fantasia
* Protege de la Rose Noire
* Moving Targets
* 6 AM
* House of Fury
* Bug Me Not!
* 49 Days
* Twins Mission
* Naraka 19
* Trivial Matters
* W.
* The Fantastic Water Babes

TV series

* All About Boy'z
* Sunshine Heartbeat
* Kung Fu Soccer
* The Flying Fox On Snowy Mountain
* Project A
* Rinsing Flowers and Purifying Swords

Gigi Lai

Gigi Lai is a Hong Kong under contract to the Hong Kong .


She is the granddaughter of Mr. Lai Man-Wai, who was a key figure of the first generation filmmakers, and has been referred to as "Father of Hong Kong Cinema". Gigi's father was born deaf and when her family went bankrupt, she entered the entertainment industry at the age of 14 to earn money to support the whole family.

Gigi is very well known for her beautiful image and her love of beauty, the Hong Kong media has given her the nickname "Goddess of Beauty" . In the past, Gigi would turn down roles if they affected her appearance on screen. However, later in her career, Gigi had overcome her self-claimed "superficial and childish image" and began to embrace many critically acclaimed roles. She has since won a Best Actress award.

After entering the entertainment industry, Gigi first started out as a singer, she released many albums during the 1990s, in both and . Gigi has made several box office hits, especially for her role as the innocent and stuttering "Smartie" in the popular '''' movie series.

She won the TVB's Most Popular Actress Award in 2004 defeating the hot favourite Sheren Tang. She portrayed a scheming and conniving concubine in the hit series "''War and Beauty''". Gigi has since become very popular with fans from Hong Kong and mainland China and many overseas countries.

After filming an 80-episode series The Gem of Life, she announced that she will not film any new series for at least one year because she needs to take care of her brother and his business after the latter was seriously injured in a car accident in 2007.


* ''The Gem of Life''
* ''The Ultimate Crime Fighter''
* ''Life Art''
* ''The Dance of Passion''
* ''The Charm Beneath''
* ''Healing Hands III''
* ''Shades Of Truth''
* ''War and Beauty''
* ''Riches to Stitches''
* ''Fate Twisters''
* ''Doomed to Oblivion''
* ''The Dark Side of My Mind''
* ''Devil Face, Angel Heart'' - Wendy
* ''A Wicked Ghost III: The Possession''
* ''For Bad Boys Only''
* ''Okinawa Rendez-vous'' - Sandy
* '''' - Rong Yu
* ''For Bad Boys Only''
* ''Fist Power'' - Hung
* ''Black Blood''
* ''The Legend of the Flying Swordsman'' - Cher
* ''Man Wanted 3''
* ''Queenie & King the Lovers'' - Eliza
* ''Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement'' - Nancy
* ''To Where He Belongs''
* ''''
* ''A Wicked Ghost'' - Cessy
* ''The Accident''
* ''Troublesome Night 6'' - Kwok Siu Heung
* ''Ninth Happiness''
* ''Haunted Mansion'' - Ah Gi
* ''The Three Lustketeers''
* ''Theft Under the Sun'' - Fai-fai
* ''24 Hours Ghost Story'' - Siu Wan
* ''All's Well, Ends Well 1997'' - Gigi
* '''' - Mona Chin
* ''Cause We Are So Young'' - Mimi
* ''The Criminal Investigator II'' - Tammy
* ''Street of Fury'' - Yi
* ''Till Death Do We Laugh'' - Mill
* ''Young and Dangerous 3'' - Smartie/Stammer
* ''Young and Dangerous 2'' - Smartie/Stammer
* ''Young and Dangerous'' - Smartie/Stammer
* ''To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui'' - Moon
* ''Heroes from Shaolin''
* ''Kung Fu Cult Master'' - Chow Chi Yu
* ''Secret Signs'' - Jackie
* ''A Wicked Ghost''
* ''Wong Fei Hung Returns''
* ''Lung tik tin hon'' - Chok Nga-Yan
* ''Queen of Gamble'' - Linda
* ''Queen of Gambler''
* ''Spiritual Trinity'' - Hsiu-Shuan
* ''Queen of the Underworld''
* ''Dragon in Jail'' - Winnie Sung
* ''United We Stand''
* ''The Family Strikes Back''
* ''Happy Ghost II'' - Student


*1993 Best Selling Single
*1994 Top 10 Chinese Songs
*1994 JSG Best New Talent Singer
*2004 TVB 37th Anniversary – Best Actress Award, as Yuk Ying in War and Beauty
*2004 TVB 37th Anniversary – Best Character Award, as Yuk Ying in War and Beauty
*2004 Black and White Television Characters Awards, Favourite Actress Award
*2004 Metro's Best Duet Collaboration Award for the Song “Poison” with Bowie Lam
*2004 Metroshowbiz TV awards – Top 10 TV Actors and Actresses
*2004 Watson's Annual Health & Beauty Awards – Artiste with Perfect Skin
*2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular Magazine Cover Artiste
*2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular Female Artiste
*2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular Female in Ancient Drama
*2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular of them all
*2005 Next Magazine TV Awards Top 10 TV Artists
*2005 Next Magazine Sponsorship Award - Best Style Actress
*2005 Top Ten Best Dressed Personalities Awards
*2005 Watson's Annual Health & Beauty Awards – Artiste with Perfect Skin
*2005 Metroshowbiz TV awards – Top 10 TV Actors and Actresses
*2006 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Female Character Award for War and Beauty
*2006 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Lethal Beauty Award for War and Beauty
*2006 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Top 10 TV Artists
*2006 Watson's Annual Health & Beauty Awards – Artiste with Perfect Skin
*2006 China Entertainment Awards – Most Popular Non-Mainland Actress
*2006 Chinese TV 10 Years Awards – 10 Years Outstanding Achievement
*2006 Moves China Award – Artiste of the Year
*2006 China Hunan TV Station - Yuk Ying Won Favourite "War and Beauty" Actress
*2005 Metroshowbiz TV awards – Top 10 TV Actors and Actresses
*2006 Top Ten Best Dressed Personalities Awards
*2006 Actress Most Men Want to be Watching World Cup with
*2007 Astro TV Drama Award – Favorite Moment Award for Frances in Healing Hands 3
*2007 Health Choice Award
*2007 China/HK 10th Entertainment Awards - Most Popular Actress Award
*2007 China/HK 10th Entertainment Awards - Best Couple Award with Bowie Lam
*2007 Watson's HWB Awards - Top Diamond Award
*2007 Singapore I-weekly Magazine - Top 10 Most Loved Hong Kong Actresses
*2007 TVB 40th Anniversary - Mainland Audience's Fave TVB Actress Award
*2008 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Actress Award for Dance of Passion
*2008 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Character Award for Dance of Passion
*2008 Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum - Top Six Most Popular Hong Kong TV Female Artistes
*2008 HKFDA 20th Annual Best Dressed Personalities Awards

George Lam

George Lam Chi Cheung, also known professionally by his surname Lam, is a popular veteran singer in Hong Kong. Lam studied at the Diocesan Boys' School in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He lived in England, where he studied at Dover College, and the United States for many years before returning to Hong Kong.

Lam was the lead singer for a band called "''Jade''" until he went solo with his first English album "Lam" in 1976. His first Cantonese album, having the same name, was also released in the same year. He also recorded two versions of the Billy Joel song "Uptown Girl" in Cantonese. Lam has remained popular in Hong Kong for three decades. Unlike many local singers, he writes a number of his own songs; some of them have also been recorded by other singers including Teresa Carpio, with whom he recorded an album and has given joint concerts, most recently in 2007.

In addition to his singing career, Lam has also acted in many films, making his film debut in ''Luckies Trio'' in 1978. Possibly his most memorable role was as a Japanese journalist in ''Boat People'' , directed by Ann Hui.

Lam first married in 1980 and has a son and a daughter; that marriage ended in divorce. In 1996 he married singer/actress Sally Yeh, with whom he has appeared in concert.


Cantonese Albums:
*''摩登土佬 ''
*''一個人 ''
*''林子祥85特輯 ''
*''單手拍掌 ''
*''Until We Meet Again''

English Albums:
*''Lam II''
*''Teresa Carpio & Lam''
*''When a Man Loves a Woman''


*''Luckies Trio / 《各師各法》''
*''Money Trip / 《懵女,大賊,傻偵探》''
*''The Secret / 《瘋劫》''
*''Disco Bumpkins / 《摩登土佬》''
*''Pembunahan Pursuit / 《糊塗英雄》''
*''All the Wrong Clues / 《鬼馬智多星》''
*''Life After Life / 《再生人》''
*''Aces Go Places 《最佳拍檔》''
*'' / 《難兄難弟》''
*'' /《投奔怒海》''
*''All the Wrong Spies / 《我愛夜來香》''
*''Banana Cop /《英倫琵琶》''
*''The Owl and Dumbo / 《貓頭鷹與小飛象》''
*''Kung Hei Fat Choy / 《恭喜發財》''
*''Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars / 《夏日福星》''
*''It's a Drink, It's a Bomb 《聖誕奇遇結良緣》''
*''Passion / 《最愛》''
*''Easy Money / 《通天大盜》''
*''Heart to Hearts / 《三人世界》''
*''Starry is the Night /《今夜星光燦爛》''
*''Perfect Match / 《最佳男朋友》''
*''Heart into Hearts /《三人新世界》''
*''A Bite of Love /《一咬OK》''
*''Shanghai Shanghai / 《亂世兒女》''
*'' / 《豪門夜宴》''
*''The Perfect Match /《富貴吉祥》 ''
*''Heart Against Hearts / 《三人做世界》''
*''Perfect Couples / 《皆大歡喜》''
*''A Queer Story / 《基佬四十》''
*''Up for the Rising Sun / 《擁抱朝陽》''
*''Six Strong Guys / 《六壯士》''
*''Love At First Note / 《戀愛初歌》''

Frankie Lam

Frankie Lam Man Lung is a Hong Kong actor for . He is married to TVB Actress Kenix Kwok. He started off his career with a singing contest which he won and subsequently, signed a contract with TVB.

TV Shows

*''Looking Back in Anger''
*''Brother Cry For Me''
*''The Challenge Of Life''
*''Beyond Trust''
*''The Revelation of the Last Hero''
*''Romance Beyond''
*''Tha Change of Time''
*''The Holy Dragon Saga''
*''Down Memory Lane''
*''Before Dawn''
*''Witness to a Prosecution''
*''Incurable Traits''
*''On the Track or Off''
*''The Colorful Life''
*''Virtues of Harmony''
*''Virtues of Harmony II''
*''The Herbalist's Manual''
*''Forensic Heroes''
*''Face to Fate''
*''Forensic Heroes II''


*''Tour of Revenge''
*''Running on Empty''
*''Tears and Triumph''
*''Now You See Me, Now You Don't''
*''Dragon Chronicles''
*''From The Same Family''
*''Born to be Wild''
*''Lethal Match''
*''The Fatalist''
*''Godmother of Monkok''
*''To Kiss is Fatal''

Florence Kwok

Florence Kwok Siu-Wan, born August 25, 1970 in Hong Kong, is a Hong Kong film and . She entered after participating in Miss Hong Kong Pageant 1992.

Kwok has worked for TVB for over 10 years, and appeared in many notable roles, such as Tracy Wong in Men in Pain, Yvonne Mok in Forensic Heroes, and Lam Siu-Yan in Dicey Business.


*Gentle Reflections
*Plain Love
*A Kindred Spirit
*Show Time Blues
*Time Before Time
*Justice Sung
*Dark Tales II
*Dark Tales II
*As Sure As Fate
*Feminine Masculinity
*A Matter of Business
*Justice Sung II
*Ultra Protection
*At the Threshold of an Era
*Ups and Downs
*When Dreams Come True
*The Legend of Lady Yang
*The Legendary Four Aces
*Colourful Life
*Seven Sisters
*Woman on the Run
*The Dance of Passion
*Men in Pain
*Forensic Heroes
*Dicey Business
*''Mad Detective''
*Best Selling Secrets
*On the First Beat
*The Ultimate Crime Fighter (2007
*The Gem of Life
*Forensic Heroes II