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Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow is a Hong Kong based Cantopop singer and actress. She is well known for her ladylike stage image as well as her charity works for animal rights.

Unfortunately, along with fame always comes the . Vivian could not handle the sudden invasion of her personal life, and once temporarily shut herself away from all types of media. After her concert in 1994, Vivian realized that her primary value is her personal life, not fame and glory. Therefore, she gradually ceased relationships with Hong Kong's entertainment circle. She retired from the Chinese entertainment scene in the late 1990s when Vivian and her long time partner, Joe Ngai, emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Though she still makes frequent trips to Hong Kong to visit her family and to support animal-rights charities.

Early life

Vivian was born in Hong Kong and brought up by her mother. Her father died the same year she was born due to heart problems. As a child, Vivian studied at St. Stephen's Church College, passing A-levels in high school. Her dream was to become a singer and an artist, both of which she has accomplished.


Radio years

After high school, Chow entered the Fourth Annual New Talent Singing Awards in 1985 with Yoshie Kashiwabara's song ''Saiai'' . The same contest also saw the rise of William So and Hacken Lee. Although Vivian did not receive any prizes in the contest, this failure did not diminish her hopes of becoming a singer, instead, Chow entered the entertainment business by becoming a in Radio Television Hong Kong in 1987.

As a DJ for RTHK, Chow was the main character in three of the radio dramas, they are "Love in the Summer" as 'Tung Tung' "The Teenage Period" as 'Fong Ka Yiu', and "Life in Paris" as 'Joyce'.


In 1988, Chow made her movie debut in the smash-hit comedy "Heart to Hearts" . She played the role of the daughter of Carol Cheng, a single mother who is quite protective of Vivian. They then meet a man played by George Lam. For her role in the series, Chow won the 'Best New Performer' award of 1989.


In the same year that Vivian won the 'Best New Performer' award, she also released her first album, titled by her Chinese name, 周慧敏. This album contained only 4 songs, and its main purpose was to test the response of the people of Hong Kong for the rising star. Sales did not disappoint, and Vivian started to develop her own fan-base by releasing two new albums, 'Vivian' and 'Qing Mi' , in 1990; 5 new albums in 1991, and 6 new albums in 1992-1993. Vivian had to take Mandarin lessons in order to perfect her pronunciation prior to the release of the Mandarin album, ''Liu Yan'' . Limited by her good look and genteel demeanor, her performances usually received moderate reviews by critics but she nonetheless attracted a huge and loyal fan-base. During the peak of her career, her popularity had a dominating presence among high school students and many of them have remained loyal throughout her retirement. In view of her unfaltering beauty, elegance and kindred spirit, the media dubbed her "玉女掌門人", a colloquial term that can be loosely translated as the eternal maiden queen.


#''Zhou Hui Min'' 周慧敏
#''Qing Mi'' 情迷
#A Long & Lasting Love
#Endless Dream
#''Zhou Hui Min Zhen Qin Jing Xuan'' 周慧敏真情經選
#''Dong Ri Lang Man'' 冬日浪漫
#''Liu Yan'' 流言
#''Jin Zai Bu Yan Zhong'' 盡在不言中
#''Zui Ai'' 最愛
#''Xinshi Chong Chong'' 心事重重
#''Xin Qu + Jing Xuan'' 新曲+經選
#''Likai You lv De Xi Guan'' 離開憂鬱的習慣
#''Zhiji Zhi Bi'' 知己知彼對唱精選輯
#''Gan Qing De Fen Li'' 感情的分禮
#''Cheng Zheng'' 成長
#''Hongye Luo Sou De Shi Hou'' 紅葉落索的時候
#''Zhou Hui Min 1994 Mei De Hua Shen Concert'' 周慧敏'94美的化身演唱會
#''Duo Yi Dian Ai Lian'' 多一點愛戀
#''Chu Chu Liu Qing'' 處處留情
#''Qing Mi Xin Qiao'' 情迷心竅
#''Shi Jian'' 時間
#''Re Min'' 熱敏
#''Zhou Hui Min De Min Gan Di Dai'' 周慧敏的敏感地帶
#''Hui Yi Cong Jin Tian Kai Shi'' 回憶從今天開始
#''Wan Qian Chong Ai San Shi Shou'' 萬千寵愛30首


# ''San ren shi jie''
# ''Chung tin siu ji''
# ''Feng yu tong lu''
# ''Lang zhi yi zu''
# ''Xiang jian hao''
# ''Xiao nan ren zhou xian''
# ''Wan ming shuang xiong''
# ''San ren jo shi jie''
# ''Chi qing kuai xu''
# ''Nu xiao feng yun xie jiao ren qin''
# ''Saam yan jo sai gaai''
# ''Yao mo dao''
# ''Yes! yi zu''
# '' ''
# '' ''
# '' ''
# ''Laam Gong juen ji faan fei jo fung wan''
# '' ''
# ''Xian dai ying zhao nu lang''
# ''Xia ri qing ren''
# ''Feng chen san xia''
# ''Zou shang bu gui lu''
# ''Ching guan nan shen''
# ''Wo Ai Ferarri''
# ''Jin zhuang xiang jiao ju le bu''

Written works

* Bengal Cat- 我的貓兒子周慧豹

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