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Flora Chan

Flora Chan Wai-Shan is a Hong Kong television and film .


Chan was born in Hong Kong and emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts at a young age. As a child, she had hoped to become a dancer, but because of an injury when she was a teenager, she was forced to abandon her dreams as a professional dancer. She attended Boston College and earned a in journalism before returning to Hong Kong in the early 1990s with her then-husband, Chung Wai Ming. She and her husband divorced in 2000. Chan married her manager Mike Chung Ka-Hung .

Rather than getting her start from or a beauty pageant, the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, which provides actresses for HK's television station, TVB, Chan was a reporter for the English Channel - TVB Pearl. In the mid-1990s, television director Teng Dak-Hei asked her to participate in his upcoming series, the fifth installment to the popular TVB drama series, ''Files of Justice''.

Chan's performance in this series about young, yuppie lawyers caught the attention of the HK audience -- and TVB. She signed on as a TVB actress and has since made other series, most notably ''Untraceable Evidence'', playing the calm and collected forensics doctor, "Pauline Lip"; and in ''Healing Hands'', a TVB series known for its cutting edge medical topics and its star-studded cast which included Lawrence Ng, Ada Choi, Bowie Lam and William So.

In 2002, Chan won the coveted "Most Favorite TV Actress" award presented annually by TVB. By this time in her career, Chan already starred in various TVB dramas and was known and loved by audiences for her roles as cool professionals. Chan is no longer signed on with TVB as a full-time actress. In December 2006, Chan announced she would be returning to film a TVB serial in February 2007.

Chan gave birth to a baby daughter on September 17, 2007.


TVB Drama Series

*Files of Justice V
*Untraceable Evidence I
*Untraceable Evidence I
*Healing Hands I
*Healing Hands I
* Feminine Masculinity - Mr. Diana
*At the Threshold of an Era II
*A Taste of Love
*Burning Flame II
*A Case of Misadventure
*Triumph in the Skies
*Hard Fate
*To Get Unstuck in Time
*The Lady with Single Eyebrow - On Hold


*''Love Au Zen''
*''Dry Wood Fierce Fire''
*''Undying Heart''
*''Mad Detective''

Other Shows

*Wong Fei-Hung and 13th Aunt
*Like My Own
*Touching Venus
*The Great Adventurer


*Marie France Bodyline
*Slim Pro


**Flora Chan

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