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Sammul Chan

Sammul Chan Kin Fung May 4 1978 is a Hong Kong TVB actor.


*Name: Sammul Chan Kin Fung
*Original Name: Chan Yan Yiu
*D.O.B: 4 May 1978
*Place of Birth: Hong Kong
*Height: 182 cm
*Weight: 68 kg - 150 pounds
*Blood type: O
*Religion: Christian
*Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English
*Place of living: MongKok
*Family : parents + 2 older sisters
*Nicknames: Duck


*Chan Shu Kui Memorial School
*Pui Ching Middle School
*Sheng Kung Hui St. Benedict's School


*Singers: Dragon Ash, Madonna, Take That, Jon B, Lee-Hom Wang, David Tao...
*Movies: Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare In Love, City Of Angel
*Color: Blue, KhaKi
*Food: Japanese and Teochew food
*Dressing Style: Comfortable, Elegant
*Hobbies: Gym, Swimming, Cycling, Watching Movies
*Pets: Goldfish, a cat named Amber


*Part-time jobs: Security guard, Ocean Park trainee
*Past Occupations: Metro Radio 997 DJ
*Current Occupation: TVB Actor/Singer
*As of 2007: Also an actor for China TV Series


TVB Anniversary Awards
*Most Improved Actor -- nominee for Bar Benders, Maiden's Vow
*Best Supporting Actor -- nominee for Maiden's Vow
*Most Improved Actor -- nominee for The Academy, Wong Fei Hung: Master of Kung Fu

Personal Quotes

* "They link me with men, they link me with women, soon I will just have to eat at home on my own all the time or just go out with my dog." .

* "This is what I have gained the most from the industry. During the course of my career, there have been people who have treated me well and not so well. I remember all of it. I am not going to seek revenge towards those who didn't treat me well, but I will remember and learn from the experience." .

* "Once, I had a very good friend. Whenever he was unhappy, I would always encourage him. However it wasn't until a few years later that I found out he said a lot of bad things behind my back. I was very unhappy when I found out. I don't understand his mentality. What he did, was it to put me down and raise himself higher? Is it worth doing so at the expense of our friendship? If this friendship is so shallow, then I won't value it either. I just regret that from day one, I treated him so well!" .

* "In my heart, I only have a few true friends that you can count in one hand. Most of them I have known for 10+ years. I am a very straight forward person, if I like it, I like it. If I don't like it, then I don't. If I can't be friends with someone, I won't treat him poorly, but would just keep a distance. Now I know how to protect myself." .

Note: the above was from an interview that took place in 2005


* - movie
*Witness To A Prosecution
*Incurable Traits
*The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre - movie
*Phantom Call - movie
*From Ashes to Ashes - movie
*The Avengine Fist - movie
*Shadow - movie
*The White Flame
*The Irresistible Piggies - movie
*Survivor's Law
*Triumph in the Skies
*Man Suddenly in Black - movie
*The Vigilante In The Mask
*ICAC Investigators 2004
*Wong Fei Hung Master Of Kung Fu
*Guts of Man
*When Rules Turn Loose
*Color of the Loyalty - movie
* - movie
*Bar Benders
*Maidens' Vow
*The Price of Greed
*On The First Beat aka The Academy II
*Legend of Chu Liu Xiang -- China Series
*The Last Princess -- China Series
*Survivor's Law II
*200 Pounds Beauty - movie
*The Academy III

Much of the above are TVB series. No note is placed on these. Other TV series noted
are as China series. Those noted with movie are not HK/China TV series, but movies as we know them approx.
90 to 120 minutes long.

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