Monday, September 15, 2008

Wayne Lai

Wayne Lai Yiu-Cheung , born May 4, 1964, is a Hong Kong TVB actor.


Lai entered TVB in 1983 as a clerk in the business department. In 1985, he gave up the job and trained in the TVB Acting School. He starred in a few series in 1989. He started out in some minor roles, and took on some more significant roles later on.

He also appeared in two series.

Lai played a variety of roles and is liked by a lot of Hong Kong viewers.

He is married and has a son.


*''Wives and Concubines''
*''The Good, The Bad and The Ugly''
*''Moonlight Resonance''
*''The Legendary Ren Jie''
*''The Gentle Crackdown II''
*''Devil's Disciples''
*''Hooked on You''
*''Best Selling Secrets''
*''Best Bet''
*''Trimming Success''
*''Confession of Pain''
*''McDull, the Alumni''
*''My Name is Fame''
*''Safe Guards''
*''When Rules Turn Loose''
*''Hidden Treasures''
*''Fantasy Hotel''
*''The Gentle Crackdown''
*''Scavengers' Paradise''
*''The Conqueror's Story''
*''To Love With No Regrets''
*''The Driving Power''
*''Greed Mask''
*''Happy Go Lucky''
*''Frugal Game''
*''The New Adventures of CLH''
*''Battlefield Network''
*''Showbiz Tycoon''
*''Anti-Crime Squad''
*''Journey to the West II''
*''Fung Wan''
*''A Killer's Expiry Date''
*''Killing Me Tenderly''
*''A Road and a Will''
*''Files of Justice V''
*''Show Time Blues''
*''The Smiling, Proud Wanderer''
*''Detective Investigation Files''
*''Files of Justice IV''
*''The Return of the Condor Heroes''
*''To Love with Love''
*''The Legend of the Condor Heroes''
*''Crime and Passion''
*''The Condor Heroes Return''
*''The Vampire Returns''
*''Files of Justice''
*''The Challenge of Life''
*''A Time of Taste''
*''The Vixen's Tale''
*''The Bund''
*''Twilight of a Nation''
*''Shi Loi Wan Do''
*''Buk Dao Chin Fung''


* Astro Wai Lai Toi "My Love's Green in Red" Award
* Astro Wai Lai Toi "My Unforgettable Moment" Award

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