Monday, September 15, 2008

Valerie Chow

Valerie Chow, aka Rachel Shane in the US, is a well-known model and . A former runner-up , she is also the first Chinese model to be signed by US cosmetics company Revlon in 1998.


She has starred in numerous films and a few television series, most memorably in Wong Kar-Wai's ''Chungking Express'', as the Flight attendant who breaks up with Cop 633 , a role that earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 14th Hong Kong Film Awards. Other notable film roles include '''' , a guest appearance in Tsui Hark's 1995 feature '''' as well as ''Inner Senses'' in 2002, which saw Chow appear alongside co-star Leslie Cheung. Her role as a smart and sophisticated lawyer named Flora in the 2001 series, ''Healing Hearts'' was one of her most popular among the public, and gained her a favorable image as the 'perfect modern woman.'

Since 2003, she has more or less decided to leave the entertainment industry and is currently working as a publicist for the Pedder Group, the shoes and accessories division of Lane Crawford.


*''He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father''
*''Chungking Express''
*''Lover of the Last Empress''
*''Dream Killer''
*''The Case of the Cold Fish''
*''Ghostly Bus''
*''Spider Woman''
*''Wind Beneath My Wings''
*''The Armed Policewoman''
*''Red Zone''
*''Bridge of Dragons''
*''Healing Hearts''
*''The Vampire Combat''
*''Inner Senses''
*''Freaky Story''

TV series

* ''Fate of the Clairvoyant''
* John Woo's ''Once A Thief''
* ''Healing Hearts''
* ''Tearaway Doctor''

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