Monday, September 15, 2008

Florence Kwok

Florence Kwok Siu-Wan, born August 25, 1970 in Hong Kong, is a Hong Kong film and . She entered after participating in Miss Hong Kong Pageant 1992.

Kwok has worked for TVB for over 10 years, and appeared in many notable roles, such as Tracy Wong in Men in Pain, Yvonne Mok in Forensic Heroes, and Lam Siu-Yan in Dicey Business.


*Gentle Reflections
*Plain Love
*A Kindred Spirit
*Show Time Blues
*Time Before Time
*Justice Sung
*Dark Tales II
*Dark Tales II
*As Sure As Fate
*Feminine Masculinity
*A Matter of Business
*Justice Sung II
*Ultra Protection
*At the Threshold of an Era
*Ups and Downs
*When Dreams Come True
*The Legend of Lady Yang
*The Legendary Four Aces
*Colourful Life
*Seven Sisters
*Woman on the Run
*The Dance of Passion
*Men in Pain
*Forensic Heroes
*Dicey Business
*''Mad Detective''
*Best Selling Secrets
*On the First Beat
*The Ultimate Crime Fighter (2007
*The Gem of Life
*Forensic Heroes II

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